Monday, August 1, 2016

Celebrating August With Sunflowers!

August is a perfect month for decorating with sunflowers.
As soon as I was wide awake this morning - and, yes, it really WAS 11:30 by then - I lit my candles,  spritzed a few good sprays of Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers behind each ear and set about making cozy this first day of August.

We seldom use the words 'August'and 'cozy' together but I do believe they complimented each other today.

I concentrated on the dining room first.

The soft warm colors found in nature seem to comfort my soul.

While I was fluffing and cleaning in the dining room, Louis Dean was bustling around in the kitchen.
He made hot cakes, sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast and then proceeded to put a batch of cinnamon roll dough together before we sat down to catch up on our readings.
Alas, the yeast was old and the dough wasn't what LD was hoping for so he dumped the whole thing and baked this huge mound of bread and then promptly threw it in the trash!
It did make the house smell good, though!

I painted sunflowers on this bag years and years ago.
The other side has bluebonnets on it.
Since tomorrow is Tuesday, I am hoping to liven this bag up with a few strokes of fresh paint and perhaps start a new sunflower painting!
Normally I am already thinking about or painting Santas about now.
Guess this year is going to be a little different.

The sewing room was next to bloom!

I lit the candles I bought last week at Goodwill for the first time.
I love them and they burn nicely without flaring up and needing the wick trimmed.

The little doggie is only visiting my sewing room. 
It belongs to Kailey and she sent him home with me yesterday so I could mend his ear.

Louis Dean and I have already watered.
We combined forces in the front yard and I watered up by the house.......

and he watered along the driveway and front of the yard.

He did full duty in the back yard while I sat here in the gazebo writing. There are two stages of a journal post for me. First I put together the photos and then take a break before adding my words.
Often Louis Dean will call out, "Are you on your words yet??"

This is looking into the sewing room from outside.
All my life I have loved looking through the windows of homes.
I especially love little soft lights.
Never mind the fact that it hit 100 degrees today and tomorrow promises to be even hotter.
It may be August but it is still warm and cozy where I live!


Kathy said...

I love sunflowers! I have the seeds to plant some but didn't get them into the ground in time this year. I have them for next. This year has just flown by for me.

I too have always loved peeking in people's lit windows at night. When I first moved to this neighborhood I would take a walk every night and do just that. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. It makes me feel cozy and happy.

Happy August!

Mummers said...

Soon it will be September Morn'

Deanna Rabe said...

I love changing the house from season to season. I should pull out my sunflowers, and put them in the places I have my faux roses! Ease our way into autumn!

Sandra said...

Your home is always cozy no matter which one that is. Love all the sunflowers. Especially the ones painted on the bag. The quads are lucky to have a grandmother that can repair their toys. I would have to buy a new one. Happy sunflower month

Arlene Grimm said...

Oh another window watcher here Linda. I love cozy scenes as well and your house looks very cozy!

Ginny Hartzler said...

We have so much in common. I love peeking in windows too. And for awhile I was even thinking of posting the pictures, but that may be a bit too invasive. I always start a blog with my pictures! Then I type and find a quote. You have such a wonderful knack for making things look cozy and inviting, AND beautiful! If you lived around here, I would take full advantage of this, and have you decorate my house for each season. I do it, but it does not seen to ever look very good! BUT I am buying some more sunflowers and putting them in a basket for the kitchen table! You have inspired me! The tote bag. Oh My Gosh. When I saw it, I was going to ask you where you bought it. I figured some upscale shop. It is gorgeous!! You could make quite a bit of money with your art IF you had the time.

Linda said...

When I had a house I loved decorating for the seasons and loved fall best of all. I think it's a great idea to start with sunflowers in August. Also love the idea of spritzing yourself with some Elizabeth Arden Subflowers. How about spritzing bed linens and the house in general with it?

Susie said...

Linda, You made me laugh...I think I am a window peeper too. I like to see lights on in houses. I think a little light in the kitchen at night is cozy. I love the sunflowers. Watering our plants is a bit of a job each day. Hope all is going well there. Resting your toe too lady. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Nonnie said...

I have always enjoyed looking in windows curious to see what the rooms were like and wondering about the people inside and what they were like. Sorry about the yeast problem, but glad he was able to add to the scents in the house. Hope you had some bread for toast to go along with that breakfast.

PATI CLARK said...

Sunflowers 🌻 are my favorite !!!! I almost bought some today but I thought it was too soon to display ...Fall is my favorite season and we are almost there....

Say What? said...

I love sunflowers. So warm and inviting.

Pondside said...

I have yet to buy a big and sunny bouquet of sunflowers this summer. Perhaps your post is just the push I need, before they are all gone.
I love your posts - I too love looking inside from outside. One of the great pleasures of living on the Dutch border once upon a time, was taking walks in the evenings. People had such beautiful windows and many 'staged' the wide sills and hung gorgeous lace on them. It was like an invitation to have a look.

Bev said...

Your home always looks cozy and inviting!! I love your sunflowers... the ones in my garden are looking great...wish I could save them for fall!!... I would love to decorate with them... I guess I should try to dry some....?