Monday, August 1, 2016

Sunday ~ Church in the Morning and Quadville in the Afternoon!

I have always dressed up for church on Sunday mornings and even when we were members of Fellowship Church and attended services on Saturday evenings.
Here lately, I have had to be creative in selecting outfits that will go with the ONE pair of shoes that I can get on my feet. Not that you could actually call these 'flip flops' shoes. Amber bought this pair of these denim style Memory Foam Skechers for me and I have been wearing them exclusively since 2 weeks after my toe surgery on May 19th.

I have tried other shoes in my vast collection but these are the only ones that work.

However, I am SO encouraged with the improvement of my toe since Friday night when my sister, Nita, gave me some Emuaid ointment to use. Her friend, Deeana, found this product and it was such a success in treating her recent shingles outbreak that Nita bought some and shared it with me.
I ordered my own yesterday and am hoping my toe will be so much better by my neext appointment that I can schedule the surgery on my other toe.

We met up with Mike and three quarters of the Quad Squad at church.

Our church has recently suffered the  huge loss of a beloved and dedicated Christ follower, Nickie Lac.

You may have heard about the deaths of Nickie Lac and Christian Sanchez.
Both were outstanding members in the Scouting Community.
This terrible tragedy happened in Minnesota near the Canadian border and yet it has affected so many people from so many areas of the country.
Our hearts go out to both families and God grant us the wisdom and grace within our congregation as we  reach out in ways that will help Ricky and their four children as they cope with life without Nickie.

Louis Dean and I went back to Quadville to spend the afternoon.
Lunch was a family meal followed by the much loved tradition of Sunday afternoon naps!
Amber and Mike went off to have an afternoon to themselves and we were more than happy to have this extra time with the quads.

I slept with Kailey.....

and she was the first to get up and go sit in Granddad's lap.

One by one, they all woke up.

Pretty soon you could hardly even SEE Louis Dean!!

I have never seen an older guy like this SO engrossed in Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies and now some new Transformer kind of children's program. He knows all the characters and story plots!

After their 'shows', we opted for Popsickles outside.
Amber hates all things 'sticky' and Trystan said, "Mama doesn't like STICKY at ALL!!!"

So what we do when they dripped some of their sugary syrup on the porch and on their feet?

A foot bath! Then we soaked down the sticky spots with water!
Win! WIN!!

Kailey was the entertainer of the afternoon!!!

Can you see how dramatic she is??

Would you like to know what she was 'singing?'

Who KNEW??

Playing outside is entertaining for everyone!

See what I mean?

Logan loves creating and nature.

Sand castles from a flower bed fit that just fine.

Trystan is a beauty pageant queen in the making.
See how she walks?

I truly believe these quads are growing right in front of our eyes!!!
Can you tell who is WHO??

I close tonight's post (Sunday night) with a photo I missed from Saturday.

Coffee Cheers to my sweet sister, Nita, who gets up at 4:00 am on Monday mornings to go in to work. I always think of her - as I am rolling over in bed along about that time.

Wishing everyone......


Susie said...

Linda, Your toe is better , or looks it. Thank God. So good to see all the kiddos piled up with granddad and watching their favorite shows. They are growing , growing, growing, way to feels like for me. So sweet you gave Amber and Mike an afternoon out. Big blessings to all of you, love you guys so much, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

So glad your toe is doing so much better. The shoes look perfect to me it's all about comfort. I just love all the photos of Lewis they and the children

Deanna Rabe said...

Hurray for Sundays in Quadville! Such delightful kids!

Family is a blessing.

Bev said...

What a fun day...great to see the quads!!!

Linda said...

It's a good thing LD is a big man, otherwise there would be enough of him to accommodate the quads. So good they see him as a love magnet.Love to see Kailey's dramatic personality in action. She is so funny. I love her feet best of all. Really good news to hear the toe is improving. Do you think it might be possible for you to have a normal week, or do you even know what that is anymore?

Estelle's said...

Your grandchildren are SO precious! What personalities! Love your denim for look so chic! Hope you all have a good week..going to a HOT one! Hugs!

Terra Hangen said...

All that snuggling and hugging, can't get too much of that. I am glad to hear your toe is healing.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Kailey is the happiest horse I have ever seen!! She is so full of joy! Louis Dean is a true GEM. I love the unique picture of the quads heads! And the lovely picture of you and Kailey. Louis Dean is a Quad Magnet! He must be the best grandpa EVER! Beautiful shot of Logan. Whatever this ointment is, I am getting it. Sounds like it will cure anything! So glad your toe is doing better!

Nonnie said...

All those pics are just so filled with love and joy. Your shoes are similar to the Clark's I have been wearing all summer and yes, even to church on Saturday nights. What sweet times and memories you make with your family. So lovely to see.

Diana Ferguson said...

Linda, you do such a great job always capturing everything with pics!!

Carol Slater said...

That photo of the kids and granddad made me smile. It's amazing to see how special those quads are.

Carole said...

Glad you've found something for that toe! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Carla said...

Let's see if I can tell who's who
Behind Harrison is Logan to his right is Kailey and to his left is Trystan.