Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slow, Quiet Winter Days

Since we are only home a handful of days out of the month we are usually running around like crazy trying to see as many family members as possible and getting house and yard duties caught up.
This time, though, it is quite different.
For one - it is COLD and we are staying inside for the most part.
No propping our feet up out on the stone wall by the driveway and no sitting out in the gazebo.
TOO cold for that! So far, anyway!

In the evenings we have been sitting by the fireplace wrapped in blankets watching Monk - Season Five. Louis Dean did mange to get outside long enough to 'John Wayne' some firewood for us.
Do you see the small wineglass on the hearth?
It's funny, but Maggie likes to drink her water from it!
Now, back in the camper she and Lucy share a bowl - it's hard enough to find a spot that Louis Dean won't kick it over! I set it UNDER a bar chair! Granted, both the dog and the cat have to stick their necks under a rung of the chair to get to it but at least the bowl stays full of water.
We were home just a little while before Maggie came sauntering in and prowled back and forth in front of the spot the  empty glass was sitting where we'd left it the LAST time we were here.
Naturally I jumped up and filled it with fresh water and she was a happy cat!

The other reason we are spending a lot of time at  home is that most of my family have come down with the FLU!
My sister, Nita, who is NEVER sick! - was diagnosed with Type A Flu and has been home in bed most of the week. My sister, Deanie, and her husband are both down with it as well.
Mother is fine but since she lives with Nita - well, that makes visiting her off limits too!
My son (Jesse) is ill and Levi has a runny nose so no seeing them either.
The good news is Summer, Sabrina, Abby Rayne and Ben are all well so I have enjoyed being with them!

My good friend, Brenda, came over on her lunch hour today.
It was nice to get a little visit in with her.
Being away so much it's hard to keep up relationships but she and I make a point to have lunch together every time I'm in town.
I really did serve her some FOOD!!
We had corn chowder and salad!

Our mornings are spent in front of the fire drinking coffee.......

and reading.
I can't imagine life without a book. Or TWO!

In the afternoons we are STILL in the den!
We just move to the other side of the room!
Louis Dean checks the stock market and listens to  music on you tube.
I play my Scrabble and Words With Friends games and work on the excel sheet I am designing  for my household budget.

Yesterday we BOTH - Louis Dean and I - had our hair cut and our nails done!
The owner of Lovely Nails took a picture of us with my camera but LD refuses to allow me to post it anywhere! Not FACEBOOK!!! Not on the blog!! NO!! No!! NO!!
And he looks so cute, too!!!
With his pants rolled up to his knees and his fingertips in the little bowl.....
wish you could have seen him!
He enjoys them teasing him - and he HAS gone all by himself before!
They keep trying to talk him into letting them color his nails!
This trip it was a bottle of lime green polish that was offered.
He declined.

I'm working on a Reflections of 2012 post and discovered I need to do TWO!
It's like I have two different 'lives' now.....
one in Quadville and one here.
Most of 2012 was spent either going back and forth to Katy 
or getting the camper ready to take down there  - 
followed by living in it for the last four months of the year.
Gradually these two lives will merge back into one after the babies are out of quarantine and after Amber has regained her health. The quad pregnancy really did a number on her little body and her health has suffered drastically! This will all be remedied by the surgery scheduled for next week. While it will involve a long and painful recovery - at least she will get her health back!
That's the reason I am taking every precaution about coming down with something.
Louis Dean and I will return to Quadville in time to step in and take care of the quads when she has the surgery and after.
It would be disastrous for either one of us to get sick at this point!

Just as I was finishing up this post my son, Ben, came by!

I have SO enjoyed seeing him!
He'll be flying back to California soon but he promised to stop by one last time to say good bye!
I have certainly had a good time visiting with him!

Well, the fire has died down and it's after 10:00 so I reckon it's time to put on my flannel nightgown!
It is my very favorite one - feather soft from 28 years of washes!
I bought it when I was pregnant with Amber.
Some things last a very long time.


Denise said...

Maggie is too cute! I am glad you and Louis Dean are enjoying being at your permanent home but sorry so many of your family members are sick. I love to read also.

I will pray that Amber's surgery is successful and her recovery smooth. One of the other quad mom's had that same kind of surgery but she suffered until her kids were about 3 or 4.

Wish I could talk Charlie into getting a pediure. His poor feet hurt all the time; he is on them from about 6:30 AM to 7 or 8 PM.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome young man!

I hope Amber's surgery and recovery goes well, she and her husband are so lucky to have you two, although I suspect with those four adorable babies it's such a joy to look after them even though it must be hard work.

Enjoy your stay "at home" and all the very best of everything in 2013!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

What a lovely time you are having... At home. A lovely relaxing time. And I'm sure it will do you good, as the future will be busy, for a bit.

Please don't get sick! You are really needed, right now!

Best wishes to your folks, who are sick.

And big, big, best wishes to Amber!!!!!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Big Whahhhhhh! I so want to be your neighbor! I believe I have mentioned that about 100 times, lol! Love your homey posts, Miss Linda. :) I love to see where people sit with their computers, too. Makes it all the more personal in cbyer world :)

Vee said...

Linda, you always make me feel as if we have just had a lovely visit. Have said a little prayer for healing of the family and for all those who are vertical to remain healthy as can be. Praying, too, for Amber and the surgery that will help her reclaim her health. She was and is a brave mama.

Enjoy that REAL fire...I am enjoying my fake one. :D

Sandra said...

i don't know how you can leave that fireplace and stay in the RV... it is just gorgeous as is the rest of your home....

darlin said...

Wow, your fire looks so welcoming, as does you lunch table set for two... your entire house looks warm and inviting! I admit I had to enlarge the photo to see the wine glass, but yup, there is it and funny cat!

Wishing Amber all the best and a speedy recovery from her surgery, a safe trip back for you and LD and you bet I'd love to see that photo of him getting pampered! I have a good imagination though, I'll just use that! lol

Have a wonderful weekend, how could you not with a magnificent fireplace like you have going on there?

Oh, your son is VERY handsome! I sure can see the resemblance, he takes after you without a doubt!

Kathy said...

Isn't it nice to have those slow days every now and then? Your house must seem huge to you after living in the camper. Stay healthy. Amber, Mike and those babies need you.

P.S. I love your fireplace. I would be there all day just staring at it.

Carla said...

I can imagine you or LD going slow. You two go go go.
Lordy that would be a site if they put color on LD's nails. LOL