Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's the LITTLE Things in Life.....

that make it so enjoyable! For me one of the 'perks' in life is the thrill of a bargain!
Wednesdays are Senior Citizen Discount Days at the local Goodwill here. I go there EVERY Wednesday! They know me and they know WHY I have relocated down here and they ask for a new pic of the Quad Squad every single week!

Here are some of my recent Wednesday Goodwill treasures!!

I have pretty much landed on a chicken theme for our camper kitchen area.

This little girl holds our eye glasses, screws, nail files and the odd and ends we are always looking for! She was welcomed by the other two girl chicks and they are all very friendly with each other and get along fine!!

This chick is on front of the kitchen window - right by the sink!

A fall leaf to catch Louis Dean's things at the end of the day when he empties his pockets!

I'm taking this easel home with me! It's too large in scale for the camper but will be perfect to hold a fall painting on top of the baby grand piano!

A lovely scarf I know I will wear often!!!

I really scored on these super comfy Acorn slides!!!
Brand new for $6.99!!! DEAL!!

I enjoyed my day with the quads.....
Amber woke up after 10 am with the quads all diapered, fed and burped.....ready for the day! That's the beauty of spending the night over there......A&M get some much needed SLEEP!

Mike installed this night vision camera in the nursery so when we arrived last night we could monitor the babies' activities from the den.
We fed at 12:45 am, again at 5 am and then at 9:30am!
Each 'feed' (for FOUR babies INCLUDING diaper changes!!) took roughly half an hour!!

LD & I went back to the camper for coffee, Bible reading and getting ready for the day. I returned to help Amber with the babies and we had a good day.

Amber is so talented! She bought some cool fabric and 'practiced' on a photo shoot using Kailey!

Have I mentioned the fact that Kailey is a 'Little Amber?'
Her arm movements, facial expressions......everything is JUST like Amber!!!

After bath time we snapped a few more pics!!
I hope and pray these three girls hold each other's hands all their lives!
They are off to a good start!

These quadruplets keep me smiling all day long!!!

Tomorrow LD and I head back home for a few days.
My mother has had one surgery and will have another dealing with a cancerous mole.
I'm going to miss these babies but I will be BACK before they know it!!!

It's the 'Little Things' in life that prove to be such blessings!
Little babies COUNT!!!


Bernice said...

Love the Chicken theme, such wonderful buys at Goodwill, I never have such luck.
Prayers for your Mom, and have a safe trip home, you and LD will be in the same vehicle I hope;)

Deb said...

Mom was at the Goodwill in Irving today...she hit the jacket pot on Fall clothes...have a safe trip back home...think we are having a cool front this weekend...hope all is well with your Mom....

melody-mae said...

LOVE goodwill and every time I am there and they say it is Senior day I am a bit envious. ;)
Those sweet babies are growing fast, and are adorable!!! It IS the little things in life!!

Angie said...

I'm such a Goodwill fan. I haven't been in forever. I definitely need to make a stop soon! Your shoes are adorable

The quads are growing so much. They are just precious. How could you not smile looking at those 4 little faces?

You all be careful traveling home. Praying for your mother.

Kathy said...

Love your chicken theme. I need to look for little "catch-all" dishes. What a good idea. We are always looking all over the place for things we take out of our pockets or my purse.

I always say the babies are so cute and they are! It's amazing when you compare their birth pictures and now just how much they grew in a few months.

I'll be praying for your mom and also you and LD for safety traveling home. Let us know how things go.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Again, adorable pics!!!!

And having places where we always drop/hang items, is wonderful. Especially when we are getting "olden'! :-))))))

Well, they are wonderful, if we always remember to USE them! -grin-


"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Have a safe trip home. And good luck to your Mom.


Sandra said...

4 of the cutest litle things are those pumpkins... we got bob a pair of 60 dollar deck shoes at GW for 5 bucks, and they had never been worn.

Vee said...

Oh yes they do! Every evening, John asks to see the babies. He gets such a kick out of seeing them grow. He'll love tonight's!

Have a good trip home. I'll be thinking of your mom, too.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What sweet little munchkins! And is the little things in life that make it enjoyable.

Nonnie said...

You guys certainly have all your ducks (er, maybe chickens) in a row and your priorities right. You are blessed to be able to bless your family...your daughter, those babies and your Mom and still keep your home going with LD, wherever you may be.

Blondie's Journal said...

You did well at Goodwill, it's so nice that they know you, too! I love those soes and I know how you look in scarves, so I hope you wear this one a lot!

Sounds like you are making the camper a home! Good for you! Have a safe trip home and well wishes for your mother!


Dee said...

Goodwill shopping is so much your chickens, especially the one with the long legs. Your little quad grands keep us all smiling too.

Carla said...

As usual you did good on your Goodwill finds. I think Harrison might favor Mike in the picture this time.
I like you chick theme. ;o)