Saturday, September 1, 2012

Celebrating September Morn!!

The first day of September is my very favorite day of the whole year!
I love it more than my birthday or even Christmas.
I KNOW it isn't really and truly FALL yet but it is for ME!

I celebrate it the same way every year!
The very FIRST thing I do is put on Neil Diamond singing September Morn!
I play his music all month long!
September Morn is THE sound of September to me.

For the 'Fragrance of Fall' I bake Fruitcake Cookies!

I mixed the dough up yesterday afternoon at Amber's house.
The recipe calls for THREE pounds of nuts and fruit so it makes a pretty heavy dough!

I always eat the first one fresh from the oven - just to make sure they're as good this year as they were last year!

I have been making this recipe for the last 27 years!

This is our handy dandy little toaster/oven Amber and Mike gave us.
It sure is coming in handy!

The first three nights we were here we ate TV dinners.
They LOOK good......

......but don't taste all that good.
I asked Louis Dean, "Are they made out of REAL food??"
That's the exact same question Summer asked ME when I told her what we'd been eating!

SO using the microwave has been the main way we have been preparing food.
Today - to CELEBRATE September first - I grilled some smoked sausage on our ceramic grill and made up a potato salad from the potatoes and eggs I cooked while I was at Amber's yesterday. I also cooked some candied carrots and when I went to heat them up while ago - in the MICROWAVE - it had 'bit the dust!'
Guess all that TV dinner cooking had done it in!
No worries!! I dumped the carrots in our crock pot and turned it on high.

A late lunch but it IS real food!!!

I put out a couple of fall tablecloths I picked up at the Dollar Store.
When we go home in a week or two I will sort through my fall stuff and bring some down here!

Since it didn't take long to spread two tablecloths and hang a Sunflower Fall Greetings sign on one of my chickens - I had some free time!

Our camp site is right across from the pool!

The sun was out! The weather was HOT!

And I had the whole pool and hot tub to myself!!!
Ah, I had a blissful hour out there.

As I lounged by the pool I could see them working on my car across the late.
In keeping with this celebratory day I am having it detailed.

Good thing we have TWO vehicles! Poor LD is having a string of things breaking on him! Now his truck battery has died a certain death so he will be taking me over to Amber and Mike's at 4:00 and then go on to buy a new one....IF he can get the truck to hold a charge long enough to get there! I'm hoping they get finished with my car before I have to leave. They had to stop when it came up a BIG thunderstorm and a real downpour of rain! Glad I chose to enjoy the pool earlier rather than later in the day!

It will be 22 hours since I have seen the quads when I go over there in a little while.
I am missing them and can't wait to see them!

While I can feed two and change diapers on three babies in the time it takes him to feed one - he DOES specialize in holding, rocking and comforting them.
And that's just exactly how we plan to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening.....
with four precious babies! Amber and Mike are going on a much looked forward to Date Night!

I think this has been a perfect September 1st!!!


Deb said...

you have had a great day...try to stay cool...sure is hot here...

Anne said...

How wonderful, Linda! Your quads AND September Morn (I had forgotten all about that song...)
Now following!

Anne said...

How wonderful, Linda! Your quads AND September Morn (I had forgotten all about that song...)
Now following!

Vee said...

It looks as if Harrison is happy to see you, too.

Nothing like making a home wherever you are and part of that is taking care of yourselves with some good food. Banquet's fine once in a blue moon.

Hope all the truck issues get worked out.

Keep having fun!

Sandra said...

September is the month of my birth, so that makes it special to. he he he
i love that pool, and what makes it better is no maintenance, just use it and go home. i think the dinners we used to get BEFORE microwave tasted better, not sure if they were better or because they were baked in the oven. your home made looks delish. did you make those cookies in the toaster oven?

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

I thought of YOU, my Dear, when I got up on September 1st!!! Knowing how you love, love, love this day.

Just as well the microwave quit. Those frozen dinners don't taste all that good, and they are loaded with salt, are they not?

"He who rocks and comforts", is a very important person, when taking care of 4 bitty babies!!!!! And he is so cute, doing it.

Wishing you a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. "Auntie"

Carla said...

Home is where your heart is!
Swanson frozen dinners tend to be better than Banquet but I'm not sure that's saying much.
Nothing is gonna take like your homemade food obviously.