Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

We have had the BEST Sunday!
We started our morning with coffee - as usual! - out in the gazebo!
Actually our very FIRST cup was in the den and then - since we stayed up so very late last night sitting outside - we decided to go BACK to bed for an early nap.
We turned on our red neck water cooler while we did our Bible reading and I wrote in my journal.

LD finished the floor in the camper. It doesn't look PRETTY yet but it IS sturdy!

This is the next area he will start on tomorrow.
We still have lots to do - or HE does! I can't do ANY of the repairs he is doing.
So I kept myself busy in the house.

I cleaned the guest room and changed sheets and totally fluffed it up.
We like this room best for napping!
I have a penchant for lots and lots of pillows!!

Louis Dean - being the MAN he is - doesn't really care for them so I came up with a compromise today.

I piled them all up in a basket and he can simply pick the whole thing up and set it on the floor when he wants to use the bed! WIN! WIN!

I decided to do the same thing in our bedroom. Plus I found a place to use another one of my vintage pins - right on one of the lace pillows.

Storm clouds blew in this early this evening and we were blessed to see this beautiful FULL rainbow as we sat out on the front porch watching the really big fat raindrops fall. Too bad there weren't very many of them! I don't have a fancy camera so I couldn't capture the entire rainbow.
I can remember the order of the colors in one by this verse I learned while homeschooling - 'Rainbow Over You, God's Blessed Vow.'

News from the Quad Squad!
Moving on UP  is Amber's latest post this afternoon.
The babies are all doing well and one of them is just about ready to go home!

That would be Trystan!  The Gatekeeper!
This is the first pic of her little face with NO TUBES of any kind!!
She may be coming home so what am I going to do???
I was actually planning on going this week anyway but how exciting will it be to BE THERE when the first one comes home???
No guarantee but MAYBE!!

I have already packed my bag, selected my wardrobe - and added a few more outfits in case I stay longer than I plan!

Yes, it has been a GOOD Sunday!
And a 'guilt free' one, too, since we went to church last night!!


Vee said...

What a great day...sometimes the simplest ones are the best ones. That child is coming home this week? Oh wow! No wonder you're packing.

Deb said...

sounds like you had a great day was a nice little rain yard was singing...

Kelly said...

How exciting to know that the babies are close to coming home (even if it is one at a time)! Love the picture of the rainbow you captured. That is certainly a rare sight. Sounds like you better hurry along with the camper. Those babies are growing so fast!

Pondside said...

A beautiful Sunday, indeed. I'm so happy to read that the babies are getting ready to go home, one by one.

Angie said...

Sounds like a fantastic Sunday! Love that first pic of LD, he looks comfy. You guys are making some real progress on that camper. It's gonna be like new when you two are done. I read Amber's post last night, it was beautiful! I'm so glad the Quads are progressing so quickly, I know you all are too. Hoping you get to be there when Trystan comes home. That would be so exciting.

Have a good week ahead friend!!!!


What a beautiful area to enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning. And oh that work he has ahead of him, looks like it'll be fixed up beautifully in no time tho. And your guest comfy-cozy!! I like your idea of adding the pin to the pillow too.

The upcoming visit will be sooooooo sweet. How lucky you are to be there if she comes home for the first time. Picture, we all want pictures!!!!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...


Sandra said...

a wonderful day and the camper looks like it is getting closer and closer to completion. great idea on the basket of pillows. enjoy your trip and don't hug that baby to much

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

A lovely, lovely post, my Dear! Everything about it, is lovely.

Gentle hugs,

Gram said...

So thankful they are all healthy and almost ready to come home. Wow, what a handful y'all will have, but what a blessing!
I tried to post from my phone the Sunday Harrison was so serious, but it wasn't working. I was in tears, but prayed along with everyone else. I told the Lord that those little girls needed their brother, and would forever have a hole in their hearts if he was not with them. PTL, He heard our prayers!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It sounds like awonderful Sunday indeed! How exciting...that the first of the quads may be coming home...and that you plan to be there.

Carla said...

Trystan has her little hand up like "oh Hi"