Monday, July 16, 2012

LAUGH as much as you breathe, LOVE as long as you live.

I bought this 'wall art' at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago and just found the perfect spot for it this morning.

I like it!
I love signs and sayings and have them all over the house.
My Aunt Irene used to say she loved 'reading my walls' when she came to visit.

I picked up this Powder Room sign at a Goodwill.

I still have a little bit of wall space in the bedroom!
Not much but a Little Bit!!

After I fluffed and puttered around the house for awhile I joined Louis Dean out in the camper - where he had been since before I was even up and about this morning!

He's working on this corner of the pull out extra room.
The flooring had to be repaired and he did that while I was gone last week.
For the wall he is making a plywood 'sandwich' with braces in between the slices of plywood.
This is NOT the way he described it!
But it is the way I UNDERSTAND what he's doing!

While LD is repairing and restoring the camper's integrity......
I am busy giving it personality!

 I've used wallpaper and borders from previous projects.
The border was going to go in my guest room before I decided to use it in here.

I added a ribbon trim along the top edge to tie all the colors together.
I found this roll in my sewing machine drawer and have no earthly idea where it came from. Louis Dean and I tend to keep EVERYTHING!

The things used in a camper should probably be light weight. I don't KNOW this since I have never decorated or outfitted a camper before. Louis Dean says, "What you put IN  you have to PULL!!" That makes sense!
I just stapled these signs up by their ribbons!
There is a LOT of stapling going on here!!

There's also a lot of good old fashioned CLEANING to be done.
The camper blinds were so dirty I had to SCRUB them with a brush!
Only cleaning one set a day since it is such hard work!

Today was the first time Lucy has been inside the camper.
She and Maggie will be coming with us, of course, when we haul it down to Houston where it will 'live' for the next year or so. We will be helping Amber and Mike out with their quads and I am sure we'll enjoy having our camper there.
Just think! FOUR brand new babies! ALL the SAME age!
Now that they have started coming home - one by one - OUR countdown has begun!

And lest you think we are nearly ready........

Let me show you a reality shot!!!

We have TONS to do before we take her on the road!!

Here are TWO of the FOUR reasons we are working so hard!!


Kathy said...

You are doing so much work but it will be worth it in the end. Keep it up and it will be done before you know it. So glad to see half of the Bell quads are home where they belong. So cute!

Sweet Tea said...

You certainly have good reason to be motivated. It's fun watching the camper take shape as both you and LD do your "magic"!

darlin said...

Wow, your home has always impressed me Linda. You have a flair for making your house your home!

The camper is coming along nicely, again you're adding your personal touches and it's looking awesome.

Adorable wee ones, how exciting to become a Grandmother 4 times at once! You all have your work cut out for you but it's not so much work when love is involved.

Have a wonderful week!

Carole said...

Linda, is someone going to look after your place while you are on quad duty?

Linda Chapman said...

Hey, Carole!
I have THE best neighbor!! She and I have lived next door to each other for over 25 years.
Plus we will be coming home from time to time. Mowing the yard and doing summer chores - it's just a 4 1/2 hour drive.

Pondside said...

What a great and fun project and I can't think of a couple that could do it better than you two.

Vee said...

Oh we're rooting for you two! It's going to be such a cute little home away from home. I know that you're excited about it.

Say, about the blinds. I used to volunteer to wash the church's blinds back in the day. That was over thirty of them. I created a spot on my fence with two nails upright where the top rigging of the blind could rest. Then the blind hung down on the fence. I scrubbed them with a window brush while standing up, flipped it around...repeat...hose down...zippety-do-dah. It worked great. Wonder if something like that might work for you, too.

Nonnie said...

What a lot of excitement going on and you still have time to decorate! I love all the sign and the warm colors you have used to decorate with. I like the tip about the blinds. I had just laid them out on the drive way to clean.
Those babies are so adorable. What fun to have four all at once!

Bernice said...

LD is doing a fantastic job on the camper, you all working together like you do should have it ready and on the road soon.
Is that Harrison in the picture? Love those chubby little cheeks:)

Deb said...

looks like you are coming right that saying it looks great on that chest..

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Oh my Dear, I do so hope you are taking pics, of this whole camper do over! What a saga, in itself. :-)

Oh, are you really planning to live in it, down there, for that long???? Think this is the first time you have said this.

Won't it get kind of cramped for you all? And how will LD have all his beloved music, guitars, etc., with him?

OK, you will fill us in on all this, eventually. And on what's to become of your home... Lots of aspects to this. :-)


Chatty Crone said...

I had an aunt Irene too - now how many people can say that? AND I have sayings all over too! We have a lot in common! And those babies are so cute! sandie

Carla said...

I can I can. I had a Great Aunt Irene. You, LD, Lucy and Maggie in the camper for how long?
Only you would decorate the camper like you do. ;o)