Friday, July 13, 2012

Caring For Quads Includes Taking an Infant CPR Class!

Yesterday was another informative day in the NICU with the quads. I changed diapers and gave bottle feeds, burped and loved on the babies.

 As soon as we arrived in the early afternoon Amber began feeding Harrison - who is wolfing down his bottles in record breaking speed now! -

and I fed Trystan.

Later that afternoon I did another two feedings back to back......

Kailey Lee.....

and Miss Logan!
Logan has been the super star from the beginning!
Weighing in at 2 lb 6 oz and being the smallest - she seemed to fare the best!
She has been on full 8 feeds for a good while now and if she hadn't had a Brady earlier this week she might well have been sent home by now. As it stands - they are counting down 7 days from the last Brady and then see how things look. It would not surprise me one little bit if Logan was the FIRST to come home!

I was comforted by the fact I could do three bottle feeding yesterday - UNTIL it dawned on me that each baby gets 8 bottles in 24 hours. That's 32 bottle feeds PER DAY!! I need all the experience I can get!!

Dinner was served in the Ronald McDonald House last night making it easy for us to get a bite to eat before heading up to the 8th floor and the Infant CPR class.

I was a bit nervous since I can't even blow up a balloon - but I PASSED!
It was a valuable class and I will be much more confident now that I know what to do in an emergency! *NOTE TO SELF* do NOT wear my fake fingernails when the babies come home!

Here's what I learned......

Infant CPR

1. Make sure the area is safe.
2. Stimulate baby (by flicking the bottoms of his feet and looking for a response.) Yell for HELP and have someone ELSE call 911.

A - Open airway
B - Check for breathing (look, listen and feel) and give 2 breaths.
C - Start compressions (30 compressions then 2 breaths.)

If alone do CPR for 2 minutes (5 cycles of 30:2) then call 911.
CONTINUE CPR until professional help arrives.

Infant Foreign Body Airway Obstruction

Conscious baby:
1. 5 back blows
2. 5 chest thrusts

Repeat these two steps until baby gets better or goes unconscious (limp).

Unconscious baby:
Do infant CPR (as above) but always check the mouth for objects before giving a breath. If you see an object in the mouth, carefully remove it before giving a breath.

All good things to know whether you have ONE baby or FOUR!!

I'll close today's post with a picture of Grandma's HERO!!
Harrison is doing SO well! They ALL are!!

Today's my last day of training in the NICU with Jane - the nurse who walks on water!
Jane has been such a blessing to Amber and Mike and these quadlings.
Amber loves her to death - everyone does!
Jane has seen to it that Amber and Mike are about as educated as they can be in the care of these preemie quads. People like Jane in the NICU and Amby in Labor and Delivery - where she cared for Amber MANY of those 57 days she was in there - make ALL the difference in the world.

I can't wait to get back up there and see these munchkins this morning.
They are constantly changing.
I don't think the 'new' will ever wear off of them!
At least not for this Grandma!!


Luann said...

Now you qualify to work in a daycare. LOL It is very SCARY when the need arises to do the infant cpr, but would be even MORE scary NOT to know what to do. Thankfully I only had cause to have to use my training on one occassion. I hope you never have to. The babes are really filling out and are so adorable. It's wonderful to see them all dressed up and know it will be great to get them home where they belong.

Bernice said...

How wonderful that they taught you infant cpr, it is something everyone should learn.
Those babies are cuter and cuter each posting.I giggledd when you realized it is going to be 32 feedings daily,get settled in a comfy rocker you are going to be busy once those babies get home:)
Continued prayers.

Vee said...

You have got to feel better having that knowledge under your belt now. Wow. That is a lot of feedings and I can see why Mommy and Daddy Bell are going to need some help. They all look like real doll babies precious and so cute.

Kelly said...

I forsee Amber hanging lots of lists on her walls after the babies come home. Their schedule, special instructions etc. I'm most thrilled about Harrison. Just think there was a time when we didn't think he was going to make it! He looks like he's one of the pack now and doing well. Amber is so lucky to have such skilled doctors and nurses around her that have allowed her babies the best chance possible. The babies are lucky to have such a hands on family gathering together to be there for them too. I'd say all of you make a pretty good team!

Sweet Tea said...

Huge responsibility. I might want to leave them there till they were able to talk and tell me what's what! *teasing of course. Glad everyone is doing so well.


Well Linda, they should just hire you at that hospital for the best pre-natal one better than you!!! I loved what you learned though, how wonderful! GOODNESS 32 FEEDS A DAY, MY GOSH!!! You outshone all of us fairly good grands, you're THE BEST EVER...BUT, a lucky one too! The babies are looking gorgeous every day, so sweet.

Nita said...

I know you feel better knowing CPR for infants, I will hope and pray you never have to use this lesson! I'm grateful that you can be there to help. I know Mike and Amber are as well. Love to all!

Deb said...

that is so awesome they have classes for the grandparents too...won't be long now and the quad squad will be home...

Deb said...

that is so awesome they have classes for the grandparents too...won't be long now and the quad squad will be home...

Nonnie said...

FOUR blessings all at once!! Oh my stars - they are just beautiful. Our granddaughter Kate spent two months in NICU - I just can't imagine what it must be like having four there. God bless you and your sweet family, and I pray you never have to use the CPR.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

The Quads are growing so beautifully, Linda, and look so alert. I'm glad you learned CPR -it is so valuable for all parents and grandparents to have this skill.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

32 bottles, a day...

And that's just the feeding...

Think of the diapering, and bathing and mixing the formula, and etc., etc. Oh my gracious!

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥
Gentle hugs,
♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Pam said...

Oh those babies are just precious! You and Amber are beautiful too! So proud they are doing so good and growing! Wow they are growing fast! Thank you for sharing and have a great time spoiling those grandbabies! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

Carole said...

Lovely to see how much they have grown. It will be so exciting when they can go home - and a bit scary too, I guess

Hope you have a great week.

Chatty Crone said...

I could summuize this in one word - WOW. You all better have a plan on when is whose time to sleep. Sleep will be critical for you all. Does Amber's hubby work - that will be first importance - lol. sandie

Carole said...

Linda - give the fried chicken a go - it was scrumptious..

Carla said...

I think all babysitters and family members with infants should take infant CPR. You just never know.