Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Happy Tuesday!

Today I am breathing a little easier! Harrison is stable and even responding to some of his treatments.

This was Amber's status on Facebook this morning:

We are beginning to slowly feel a little more confident about Harrison, though still extremely cautious as they prepare to wean back on some of the things added to his care in the past few days. I am so nervous about him relapsing. His oxygen level on the vent is 21%, equivalent to breathing room air. They've come down on his vent settings, are lowering his morphine, slowly cutting back on the nit...ric oxide, discontinued his antibiotics and are considering removing his chest tube soon. His lungs are still very weak so that is a big hurdle we've yet to clear. Girls are doing wonderful, Kailey has surpassed her sisters in the eating department and is now inhaling 26cc per feeding. That's a lot for a little 2lb11ouncer! She also managed to take a crap yesterday that nearly cleared the room. They had to fan the smell out of her isolette. Needless to say, Mike was appalled at his little girl. Ah, parenthood. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.
You can tell she has kept her sense of humor!
After carrying my cell phone around with me every moment of Sunday and Monday - I finally laid it on the table! I realized I had been gripping it tightly as well as walking from my desk top to my lap top - continually checking for updates on the quads in general and Harrison in particular.
Amber and Mike went home last night and, as Amber's MOM,  I was so relieved to know she felt secure enough with Harrison's condition to be able to sleep in her own bed. After 57 days in the hospital and then spending a few nights in the Ronald McDonald House - I know she sleeps better in her own bed. A mother is always concerned about her children. It never ends.....no matter how old they get!

Today was a good day to stop and smell the roses!
I cut honeysuckle and a bit of mint and rosemary to round out my bouquet!
I have been doing some housecleaning since we have been home. It is AMAZING how dust and cobwebs have accumulated!

Since it is TUESDAY - and that means ART DAY around here - I set out my projects I want to work on. Louis Dean just went out to the camper to work. I will soon be ready to get the bedroom all 'dressed' for living! Tomorrow I plan to shop for a rug that I can cut to fit since we pulled all the carpet up. I am getting a little excited about having a whole little home to decorate!


Lucy is excited to be home, too!!
For over three weeks she hung out and played hard with Shiner, Jersey, and Reese.
She's an 'older people' dog and I think she was TIRED!
She is just now getting where she doesn't gobble all her food up at one time.
We usually keep her bowl full and refill it as needed as opposed to feeding her one time a day. That camper will not only be 'home' to Louis Dean and me but to Maggie and Lucy as well!

AND since it IS Tuesday - and movies are fifty cents all day at the local Starplex - I think I will get dressed (Yes! It is 1:48 in the afternoon and I still have my gown on!!) and take in a chick flick. It's a toss up between 'The Lucky One' and 'Mirror Mirror.'
Or for a whole DOLLAR I could see them BOTH!!

Like I said........
This is a HAPPY Tuesday!!

5:00 pm update

Harrison is resting well today and is much calmer. He's back to holding mommy's hand, something he wanted no part of the last two days since he felt so bad. His vent settings are very low, which is fantastic, and they hope to take out his chest tube tomorrow then slowly progress from there. I love my strong little boy!


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Linda,
You all must to so tired..Sounds like Amber is doing well, its hard to think about yourself when you are a Mom, the babies come first. The babies are in our prayers.
I think all the babies are fighters and little Harrison is one tough cookie.
Big hugs, Elizabeth

Luann said...

The Lucky One is a GOOD movie. I too have been keeping a frequent check on FB for updates. So nice at times like these to have an instant place to keep up with news. Glad you are having some time for your own routine for soon it will be hectic again as the babies come home. I love you and appreciate your consistent positive attitude and energy. "tootie"

melody-mae said...

Our God is an awesome God! I am so happy to hear your good news and that you and LD have time for yourselves to stop and smell the roses!

Deb said...

we have all been praying for Harrison and the girls too...enjoy your Movie...

Bernice said...

I would splurge and get both movies,a glass of wine and chill, if anyone deserves some down time it is you! Glad to hear Amber is able to relax some. Prayers continue for little Harrison, and happy smiles for those little girls especially that Kailey, she is a little "stinker".
Take care

Bev said...

So glad things are coming together. Sounds like you happy to be home..

Carole said...

Glad things are going well. Have another good day.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm so glad to hear Harrison is doing better, Linda! I know he is getting expert care and I hope and pray he will continue to get stronger every day.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad that Harrison is getting better - YEAH! Thanks God. sandie

Vee said...

Everyone sounds more chipper this fine Tuesday. Phew... And a sigh of relief was heard in Blogdom. Still praying...

Now tell Amber that little girls do not like their mama telling stories on them. Gheesh. Better out than in!

Hope that you have a wonderful time out.

Carolyn said...

How wonderful! God IS good!

Kathy said...

So glad to hear the news about Harrison. He is going to have some stories told to him when he gets older about this time. We prayed for your whole family at Bible study this morning.

Why don't you splurge and see both movies? Wish we had 50 cent movies around here.

Have fun with your art tonight.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I am so happy that you posted a photo of Harrison. His coloring looks good, Linda! He is so dear!
Hang in there, Harrison! More praying and rooting from here!

Sweet Tea said...

Glad you had a "normal" day. We all need those to "reboot" our brain and our life from time to time. Constant stress benefits no one...How was the movie? Did you see one or both? I love movies but cannot sit in one place long enough to watch two at one sitting. Did you get some of the rain that we got yesterday? Everything was sooooo dry here and it is great to have my Garden watered for me!...Great news about Harrison!

darlin said...

Hi Linda,

I just caught up to all of your posts and was on pins and needles through it all, I can't even begin to imagine what you're all going through but thank God Harrison is improving!

I'll keep the babies in my prayers, they're so adorable and I can see the love, almost feel the love, the parents and proud grandparents share for all of your beautiful babies.

Good for you and Amber to take a break, you both need one to keep your energy levels up.... so how was the movie and which one did you get to?

HoundDogMom said...

So glad to hear Harrison is doing much better and the girls are improving. Love your rose it is beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures of your camper remodel. We go camping with 3 basset hounds in a 26ft travel trailer which is much fun. So your pooches will enjoy it as well. Have a great day! Sherri

Debbie said...

oooohhhhh happy day!!

thanks for the update, GREAT news!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Good news, on the babies......

And also good news, that Amber is able to sleep in her own bed. Oh how wonderful that must feel!!!!!!

"We may be wrong and we may be right,
but we're Ewings, we stick together,
and that's what makes us unbeatable!"

~Miss Ellie

The Brown Recluse said...

We had a preemie almost 9 years ago...I cannot imagine having 4! I'm glad to hear that Harrison is doing better...I had read a little about him previously. Good news, indeed. Funny about dad being appalled...with 4 of them...he ain't seen nothing yet! haha

Carla said...

So happy those little Bells are progressing. Amber's FB post cracked me up about the diaper change and the optimal little poopers.
Glad you're getting some me time and some LD time.

Kathleen said...

God bless your 4 little gbabies! I went back and read the posts! Just amazing! Happy Father's Day to the dad and gdad, what a blessing!