Saturday, June 2, 2012

Amber's First Visit to the NICU

Yesterday morning began with an abrupt realization the recovery from a C Section delivering FOUR babies will NOT be a piece of cake! By noon they had stabilized Amber with some pain meds. At 3 in the afternoon it was time for her to visit her new babies! While she still could not get out of bed - the staff was kind enough to transfer her to a smaller bed that would fit in the NICU unit better!

This was her first visit with Trystan (other than the brief meeting in the OR!)

Nothing like the touch of your mother's hand!

A moment she will never forget......
nor will I. Amber and Mike with their precious babies.


So the first baby they saw on this - Amber's FIRST trip to NICU - was Trystan Lee....
the little Gatekeeper. First to be born and second heaviest in weight.
2 lb 13 oz
Trystan  is doing very well and is just getting a little help with her breathing.

God bless you, Trystan Lee! You have already been used by God for a marvelous purpose! You have been an EXCELLENT gatekeeper and held STRONG!
We love you for who you are!
Father, we trust the plans you have for this special little girl.
Give her a strong faith as she lives her life and may she fill each and every purpose you have for her.....little Trystan Lee!! Amen.

Next up........Logan Lee! The last to be born, the least in weight at 2 lb 6 oz
........and the FIRST to be held by Mama!!!

I tear up every time I see this!

 This quad pregnancy took a lot of work, pain, perseverance, months, prayers, tears, determination, faith and courage!

Precious! Precious!!

Logan was lapping up all this attention! As she lay on her mother she grasped her daddy's hand. (My heart squeezes as I post this!)

I mean she has a white knuckled GRIP on her Daddy's finger!

Logan is the smallest, last born and FIRST to be on room air.
She is a feisty and amazing little girl - JUST.LIKE.HER.MOTHER.

I love baby hands! Dear Baby Logan. May God bless you and keep you in all His ways. May you ever have a heart for God and hands to serve Him.

And may you be humble and not brag to all your sisters and brother that,
"Mom held ME FIRST!!!"

Next up - Kailey Lee!

Kailey Lee likes to be on her belly!!
She's a real Belly Baby!!
She, too, is doing very well.
She weighed in at 2 lb 12 oz.....
she has the longest arms.

I didn't do a very good job of getting her pics with mom but I will do better next time!

If you could see her closely you could tell Kailey is a little Amber!
She has her chin and eyes and she was looking right at her mother.

Dear Lord, Bless Miss Kailey and may she bring joy to all as Amber has brought joy to us! Use her to bless and cheer others as she goes along her path in life! Amen.

And third to be born was Harrison Lee! 'The chunkiest at 3 lb 6 oz.
The little tube you see was surgically place there because he had a little air outside his lung. Other than that he has a wee bit of a problem with some tiny holes in his lungs and they have given him a medication (steroid) to help with that.
It's a good thing he was the heavier baby as preemie boys don't seem to do AS well as preemie girls!
He grunts a bit but as you can tell by the picture - this is going to be a pretty laid back little fellow!! I sincerely hope he is a little Mikey!
Dear Heavenly Father, Bless Harrison and help him as he grows to be a godly man.
Help him to follow in his dad's footsteps and learn from him as Mike follows the footsteps of Christ.

It's been an exciting few days! More to come I am sure.
With all the hub dud at the hospital and lots of folks wanting to visit and see both parents AND babies, I am home alone at their house preparing for Amber's return next week. The last time she was here was Easter Weekend so I want to have it all clean and fresh for her. I think my daughter and my daughter in law will be here later this afternoon to give me a hand.

"Dear Lord, I thank you with all my heart for these four precious babies, for Amber, for Mike, for family who all come together to support each other in our times of need. Thank you for the strength you have given ALL of us to do and accomplish all that we had needed. I thank you personally for my husband, sisters and daugher and how they have helped lighten my load in caring for Amber. Father, I thank you for the grace you have given us in the eyes of the doctors, nurses, staff and the excellent care Amber and the babies have received. Finally I thank you for each one who has read and followed this quad journey and prayed for us. Thanks be unto God for your grace, comfort, peace and - most of all - this gift of BIRTHS!! Keep all of us in yor care and guide us in your will. Amen!"



  1. There'll not be a dry eye reading this post, Linda. So much to rejoice about. So much to be grateful for. So much to keep in prayer. Continued prayers for all...

  2. Oh you have me all teared up.... What a heritage those babies will have with a praying Grandma like you.

  3. God Bless All who cared for and kept the babies safe and God Bless Amber and ALL her family.

  4. Wonderful post Linda, I have enjoyed reading yours and Ambers blogs.

  5. Amen, typed through tears of happiness for you all.

  6. Amen..brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to see such precious little ones. The warmest hugs to all Elaine

  7. What a beautiful post,the moments you caputured in those pictures are priceless, and beautiful, I am all teary eyed.
    Continued prayers for Amber and those beautiful babies.

  8. The picture of Logan holding her Daddy's finger melted my heart. They are just gorgeous.

    Congratulations to you all.

  9. this entry should begin with "get the kleenex, your going to need them"!!

    TOTAL JOY!! they are so precious!!

  10. Oh my goodness - 4 miracles. Thank you God. sandie

  11. Those are great pictures. Hope all the babies make it without too many problems.

  12. Made me cry. These babies are very blessed to have such a loving family!!

  13. Linda I am so happy the quads and Amber are doing well...they have all been through quite an ordeal...but they have your spunk...Congratulations again...on your beautiful grandbabies...

  14. Oh, you made me sob like a baby. Liara sat on my lap as we looked through the pictures and she oohed and awwed over them just like I did. She kept saying "look at that baby! Oh, look Mama! There's another baby! Look at that one! They're so sweet!". She's absolutely right.

  15. Thanks be to God...for their safe arrival! I hadn't visited for a few days...and came to check for news this morning...and what good news I found. I'm so happy to share in your joy...and wish the parents many blessings as they begin this journey with their four precious children.

  16. Linda, I was away from the computer all day yesterday! I read your post this morning. It is beautiful. A forever keepsake for the baby Bells.

  17. Oh those pictures...

    And oh, that little hand, gripping her daddy's hand...

    How to 'stake a claim,' early on, on DADDY, hu????

    Just soooooo precious.

    Gentle hugs to you all...

  18. Linda, I have to tell you this post brought tears to my eyes. I will keep your family in my prayers. Do not forget to take care of yourself Linda.Smiles to all, Susie

  19. Beautiful prayers for beautiful babies and parents and let's not forget Bella and Chief very devoted Grandparents. May the peace of our Lord be with you always.

  20. Oh Linda, look what I've missed while I was away. I haven't been able to blog but just had to drop in tonight & see if we had babies and WE DO!!!! They are all so so so so so precious. Glad to hear babies & momma are doing well. Sending prayers to all of them.

  21. What a beautiful, beautiful post! Thank you for keeping ups all posted and your wonderful words, how blessed these babies are! God Bless you all....your friend in East Texas, Pam.

  22. Linda, THANK YOU for sharing this blessed journey with your blog buddies.

    I could hardly read these last couple of posts, because I had to keep wiping tears from my eyes.

    What blessings!

  23. Dear Linda,
    I have been away from my blog for many weeks. I am now reading about the birth of the babies. How very blessed you all are. Amber is so brave, the miracle of life is so very precious..
    I am so happy for you all...
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  24. Great! Great Post but it should come with a warning... I had buried my kleenex's under a pile of papers.
    Maybe when the Little Bells are adults they can sit down and read all about the Quad journey.