Wednesday, March 7, 2012

THREE of a Kind!

THREE girls and ONE boy! Just the opposite of what Amber was HOPING for but this is the final verdict! All the babies passed the anatomy scan with flying colors! The indicators were negative for Down's syndrome and all their little hearts look good at this point.  The two hour scan turned into over THREE hours so Amber was pretty much exhausted by  the time they got home. Another twist they discovered - she may be carrying a set of identical twins. As I understand it, each baby is in its own sack but the twins may be sharing a placenta. I think I will watch my Multiples in the Womb DVD again. With all this added information and knowledge I am sure to get more out of it every time I see  it. ANY pregnancy/birth is so miraculous.....quads even MORE so!

While Amber and Mike were gone all day with the visit to the hospital for the scan- and their hospital is DOWNTOWN Houston! - Louis Dean and I used the day to search out a spot to put our camper. SCORE! We reserved a site at a great place about 30-45 minutes away! The couple who run the campground seem nice and friendly and said Lucy would be very welcome. I'm glad we'll get to bring little Maggie with us, too!

After we left there we made 'THE.BIG.MISTAKE.' of the day. We decided to go home a different way. NOT a good idea! Plus we had put off having lunch until after our errands so we were tired AND hungry by this point. Let me tell you we drove all the way down one road until it turned into another and then drove down THAT one until it ran out. We turned LEFT at that point and drove MANY miles before I remembered I had my lap top and AT&T Hot Spot with us.  With a map we were better able to see where we were! That's when we turned around and went BACK down the road and past where we had turned left and kept going until it virtually ENDED! As in the street simply stopped. ALL of this excessive driving was in the Cinco Ranch area where there is a lot of building going on. So BACK to the crossroads and then BACK exactly the way we had come ALL the way back to the campground and then FINALLY back to civilization as we know it.......meaning we at last knew where we were in relation to Amber's house! By this time LD and I were both gritting our teeth and trying to keep from snapping at each other!

Did I mention we were hungry? He wanted a Chinese buffet. OK. We found one but at close to 3:00 in the afternoon the food looked a little picked on to another place. By this time I had decided I wanted Mexican food.

Amber and Mike's neighbors had recommended this place and it is less than 10 minutes from the house!

The food was good!

The big old frozen Margarita even BETTER!!

So much for that day's adventures!

Today has much more mellow and laid back. I have chopped BBQ in the crock pot to serve on big buns for dinner tonight. Oven fries and a salad will round out the meal and I made strawberry Jello with fresh sliced strawberries on top for dessert.

Louis Dean and I took a walk earlier this afternoon. He is napping now so I am going to do my yoga. Amber has been working from her recliner most of the day. It's a good thing she has her own business and can be flexible about where her 'office' is at any given moment. The skies are dark with somber looking clouds. LD and I usually sit out on the driveway in the evenings. We may need to sit on the porch tonight!

Tomorrow I will go back to sorting all the baby clothes. THREE drawers of GIRLS' clothing to ONE drawer of BOY'S!!

3 little 'Ambers' and a 'Mikey'!!


  1. -chuckle- Oh wow!!!! Interesting news. More chuckles... Flexibility has to be a wonderful thing, though. Especially when it's set-in-stone, as it were. But the healthy part, is the only really important part, yes?

    And you two, what a day you had. Good to find the place to put the trailer. But driving-for-ever, is not a good thing. -gigggles-

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Linda, I tend to be a cranky traveler, as I don't like to be confined, so I understand the driving frustration. . .Any baby names yet?

  3. What wonderful news!

    It just makes it seem more "real" somehow.

  4. That is going to be one spoiled little boy since he's the only one in the bunch. I'm so excited to finally here what she's carrying. Amber is going to have to start liking pink now!! Those little girls are going to be playing with dolls and playhouses and there is usually pink there somewhere. Whenever I would take my son to the toy store, he'd say "Don't go down that pink aisle. That's for girls!" Ha! They learn quick. That mexican food looks good. That is a favorite of mine. We usually go out every weekend. Get some rest now!

  5. I have internet tonight! I just had to check on you and your babies, Linda! I am happy that the test went well! Love and God's blessings to all!

  6. Just think of the fun those three sisters will have as they grow up! I'm so happy to read that all four babies are doing well as they develop and grow in preparation for their big debut.

  7. How exciting to find out the sex of the babies...
    That Mexican food looks good but I could eat that most anytime and anywhere.

  8. I'm so glad you and Louis Dean can be there to help. I'm sure Amber and Mike are very grateful too. Continued prayers are each and everyone.

  9. I've been away for a bit trying to help tornado victims in my area but had to drop in today to check the babies progress. Three girlies and a boy, how exciting!

  10. Can't you imagine...three sisters:)...poor brother!! lol

  11. Poor Mike and baby brother with all the hormones in the house. LOL
    Good Blog.
    Sorry y'all got a wee bit lost