Monday, March 19, 2012

Here I Go Again!!

Actually - here I AM! I left after traffic this morning and headed down the Interstate. Texas had some pretty severe weather today but I am thankful I was east and south of it. The roads were bone dry for me until I got into Houston and then only a slight rain that didn't last long.

This is my super cute husband sitting on the edge of our bed playing and singing for me as I fixed my hair and make up before leaving this morning. We are pretty fond of each other. I think he was missing me before I even left! I know I was missing him!

It's bluebonnet time in Texas and they are beautiful this year!
The flowers are big and hearty......not thin and puny as in some years.
This is just the beginning of the season!

I snapped this pic at the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana. When LD and I travel together we have Lucy with us and this is the field he takes her for a walk just beside the parking lot.

I treated myself to a coffee and apricot turnover. I only ate 1/3 of it though - saving the rest for later. And I like my coffee cup 3/4 full of coffee and 1/4 of hot water - with enough room for lots and lots of cream! I enjoyed my break from the road. I am spoiled by traveling with Louis Dean where he drives and I sleep or play!

I picked up two loaves of Pecan Bread and a loaf of iced cinnamon bread.
Toast and coffee for breakfast in the morning!
Amber has loved the pecan bread since she was a little girl and I always try to get a loaf for her when I go through there.

I made good time and rolled into the area in early afternoon. Since I wasn't on a deadline I decided to stop in at Garden Ridge Pottery. Sprucing up the camper has been on my mind so I picked up a couple of pieces of fabric to make slip covers for the love seat. It is the color of cafe au lait. I think I am going to go with soft neutral colors and then use spots of something bright for accents. I've never had a camper so I am new to decorating one. I do know it needs to be warm and cozy! We will be putting down new tile in the entry and by the kitchen counters. All the carpet will be ripped up and replaced but with a camper - that's not much! I looked at the rugs at GRP and am thinking why not use a rug and cut it to fit? I also need to make new curtains and valances......and can you PAINT camper walls? These are so VANILLA!!!!
New border at LEAST!! I tell you - by the time I'm through with it - Louis Dean won't even RECOGNIZE his old camper! Guess that's what's making him a bit nervous - now that I think about it!!

I found Amber in good spirits when I arrived. She and Mike have pretty much finished their shopping in preparation for these babies coming. Things are being organized and the nursery is in good shape. They had a ball looking through all the things my sister, Luann, sent down with me. The babies will have need of NOTHING for at least 18 months!! I popped dinner in the oven as soon as I got here......sirloin patties (already seasoned) from HEB with veggies along side of them - all wrapped up in foil. It's funny. I bought these patties down here at the local HEB - froze them and took them home - and then brought them BACK down here for tonight's dinner! That's doing it the hard way! They were still a success this evening. Mike and I ate ours but Amber had sipped half a small shake earlier and even though she is HUNGRY - there is NO ROOM for food until that has been digested a little. She is larger than when I left here a week ago. Her poor little belly actually HURTS as it gets bigger and bigger!

This will be an exciting week. They have an anatomy scan on Wednesday and I GET TO GO!!! I am thrilled at the opportunity to 'meet' these precious little Bells before they are even born. They know the location of each one. The boy is on the left (Baby C), his fraternal sister is at the top (Baby B) and the identical twin girls (Baby A and Baby D)  are wedged in there in what space is left! Then there is a doctor appointment on Thursday. Hopefully the Baker's Rack they have ordered will arrive while I am here so I can help organize that big pile of baby bottles and other feeding things.

I talked to Louis Dean while he was sitting on the porch with a glass of wine watching the storm. It was pouring rain! We had a nice phone chat. It will be easier when the babies are born to both be down here with our camper. Until then - it's back and forth for awhile!

I am all settled in the office/guest room now. Think I will go visit a few of my friends
 in blogland before joining A&M for Hawaii Five-O. Funny how we have our little routine where ever we go. I find that comforting somehow.


Sweet Tea said...

You are a great Traveler, enjoying the open road! Glad you get to go to the Dr. Visit with Amber - what an adventure for the entire family. . .Sweet that LD serenaded you before you left. Too cute!

Pondside said...

I always enjoy your trip posts, Linda. You must be fun to travel with!
I'll bet the soon-to-be parents are happy to have you there!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love hearing your day to day adventures, Linda! I know you are going to have a lovely {and busy} visit with Amber and mike! Have fun!


P.S. Your plan for the camper sound awesome!

Angie said...

Glad you had a nice safe trip down & avoided the severe weather!

I seriously can't wait to see what you do with that camper. Your such a crafty lady, I can only imagine how great you will make it look. I'm sure once done LD will love it or at least pretend like he does. Isn't that what men do LOL!!!

Enjoy your week with Amber. Can't wait to hear all about the doctor's appointments!!!!


"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Glad you are there, safe and sound. :-)

Vee said...

Just showing John the big doings here. He said, "Now that gal needs prayer." Yup. He has twin granddaughters and remembers his daughter being on bed rest so he is imagining what that might be like...thinking four instead of two.

Glad that you've arrived safely and just know that we're praying for all of you. What fun to be able to go along for the anatomy scan.

Hope that Louis Dean stays out of trouble! ;>


Hello neighbor...well, not really a CLOSE neighbor but a fellow Texan. I just read about the nasty storms y'all have been havin'. And I just KNEW you were from Texas after I read your comment at "Auntie's" blog with her candy post. Why you ask? When you mentioned Katy.

Changes in the wind said...

Now you need to do before and after picture on the camper!!! Glad things are going well and you are able to go often to visit.


PS....I'll begin to follow you too. Thanks for popping by to say howdy. Oh ya, from your comment, Katy just might as well consider itself part of Houston now. [My son lives in Houston]

Connie said...

Can't have you sitting down there all alone. We are following you all the way. I am not about to miss the entrance of four bables !!
It's nice that you are free to come and go. That's the way it should be.
Where exactly are you in Houston ? My sister lived in Sugarland for years and they had a place out on Galveston later. My daughter loved it there except for the commute to the Medical center which is like going to another city.

Have fun and enjoy Wed. Your daughter is lucky to have a loving Mom !!!