Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Red Cardinal Christmas Tree

I have SO enjoyed decorating for Christmas!
I have a tree in every room - all with a different theme.
The dining room tree holds my collection of red cardinals. My daughter, Summer, has given me most of them.

I placed the tree where my easel normally stands.
Haven't been doing much painting lately!

The table is set.

The room is clean.

It is nearly time to entertain!

But not QUITE yet!!

Today will be a wintry day in North Texas! The high temperature is not expected to go out of the 30's....that's COLD for TEXAS!
I am up early (before Louis Dean!) this morning and it is COLD in the house.
Yesterday we even turned the heat on..........not something we ordinarily do.
I would rather be too cold than too hot.
Even so - I may turn it back on today.
The coffee is made and I am about to clean the fireplace and put a couple of logs in.
 On my way home from church Sunday I noticed a neat stack of wood someone had put out for the city to pick up. They had trimmed a big oak tree in their front yard.
Well, Louis Dean went right down there and loaded most of it up!
We have yet to BUY firewood in the 6 1/2 years we've been married.
I better go now and get the house all warm and cozy for when he wakes up!

Where ever you are and what ever you are doing today........
I send you warm Christmas wishes!


Deb said...

stay warm Linda...it is cold...I will keep my eyes open of trees by the road and let you know when I see them...

A Vintage Green said...

Free firewood is the best. Its an ongoing search/reward/work to get it ready and stored but worth the effort. My brother heats entirely by wood. Lovely photos and words today. Thankyou.

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...it sounds like you are so warm and cozy and settled in. How lucky you were to find the firewood. We have ours delivered in the fall and it's a lot of work to stack it. We have a wood burning stove in addition to the fireplace, so we use a lot of wood.

Stay warm...it's 36 degrees here and we've been running the heat for weeks now!


Carla said...

Just gorgeous. I can't believe a tree in every room. You are a busy girl.

Stay warm

Linda said...

I thought Christmas would have arrived in your house, Linda, and I'm not disappointed!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Love Cardinals, so I love your Tree.

Imagine people just giving away wood, which can be burned!!!

Everything continues to look so festive and happy. Hope you enjoyed your coooooooool weather, and your sweet fire in the fireplace.

♫♡♫ ♫♡♫
"With visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads, we are perfectly at home in the dreamy world of whirling, twirling Mirlitons and arabesquing Dew drops from the classic Nutcracker story."

Kelly said...

your tree looks stunning! It is so full of decorations and lights that it has a rich look to it. Sure sounds cozy in your home with the fire going too. Hope you survived the cold day today. It's raining here, but warm.

Vee said...

What an incredibly beautiful room. If I were to guess where it was located, I'd choose jolly Old England. A tree in every room? I am truly impressed. I used to do a living room tree and a kitchen tree and think that I was doing something big. Ha!

LV said...

Linda, you have a very pretty home. Very well decorated too. One thing is far sure, at my house it will be warm. I cannot take the cold.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Absolutely beautiful, Linda!
I wish you and LD the warmest of Christmastime Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Oh Linda, I love that cardinal tree. It's so nice to have a tree decorated in ornaments with such special meaning. Your dining area looks just perfect. I'm sure you all are going to really enjoy it over the next month.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

7 December 1941

Thank you for remembering Pearl Harbor Day, in my comments.

Waving to LD, who is "Olden" like I am. I'm sure he has memories of WWII too, because before it was over, we were old enough to remember....

-Mixing the Oleo Margerine bag...

-Little local grocery store, making sure my Mother had enough Green Stamps for more formula, for my sick baby bro. Who kept throwing what he ate, up. And had to be fed again. But the Green Stamps (for food) were used up.

-Fear of low flying planes...

-Loved ones coming home from War...

-Loved ones, after coming home from War...


Kathy said...

Linda, your home is beautiful. I would love to come for a visit and sit in your lovely dining room. I adore cardinals and your tree is just the kind I like. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us.

Sweet Tea said...

Everything is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing this!!