Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crafty Snowmen!

I have made many a crafted snowman in my time!
These are some of my favorites!

My youngest two children and I made these back in 1999.

Makes me smile! Twelve years ago I had a an eleven year old son!
Eleven is my all time favorite age for a child!

These were super simple to make!
Paint a clay pot - any size would work!
Paint on some rosy cheeks and the face....
glue some fabric scraps around the bottom ....
and stick a twig in the top hole!

The handy dandy CAN is made in the same manner.

Amber made this Snowman in seeing her name and date on the back!
After you paint the giant paint stirrer stick (and you can make them ANY size, of course! Even tongue depressors work!).......just embellish! We used felt pieces for the hat, scraps for the scarf, glue on googly eyes and a red bead nose. More paint was brushed on the scarf for a bit more frosty snow 'look.'

I have used the snowmen theme for my sewing room/office this year.
I have about a dozen painted clear glass balls I have done over time.

Put them all together it filled up an entire (small 4 ft) tree!

I have been painting Snowmen for a long time......
on blocks of wood, glass balls, cans, sticks.....

even squashed up coke cans!

You name it - I bet I have PAINTED on it!!

It's a whole (small!) room FULL of snowmen!

A sweet blogging friend sent me a set of these cute Snowmen chair slippers!!
Thanks to 'My Own Little Corner' are so thoughtful in thinking of others - even when YOU have a lot going on in your life right now.

I tucked a few snowmen in the plants we brought in recently from the gazebo.
They will live on top of Lucy's kennel right by the French doors for the winter.

I stitched this little door hanger in the early 1970's.
Nothing like going through your Christmas decorations to realize how many years have flown so quickly by!

And speaking of time flying!!
I still have painting - and cleaning - and decorating - and cooking - and baking - and entertaining - and travelling - and Christmas Letters to write - and leaves to rake!
It has been RAINING leaves here! The yard is covered and we track in debris every time we go in and out a door....ANY door! They are everywhere!!

I have sent Louis Dean out on errands so I can get some things done.
He keeps me busy......I am his keeper!

I took this pic the other day when our weather turned REALLY cold!
I teased him about not being able to go outside and play in the dirt....
he simply brought it IN with him!!!
He has had these plants - or they are FROM one I should say - he has had for years and years. A parent gave him the first plant when he was a second grade school teacher in south Texas. They are safe under a grow light now.
Someday I will have to blog about HIS room.
It is unlike ANY other room in this house!
To use his words, "There are so many things sticking out in there it looks like a porcupine!" You would understand if you could see it!

SOOOO......while he is away I am going to do a 20 minute yoga workout and then

Hope YOU accomplish all you need to do today!
PACE yourself, though!

Christmas is COMING!!


Cozy in Texas said...

Cute snowman ideas.

Flora said...

Adorable snowmen! the 'dirt' room!

Kelly said...

I'm so amazed at how many hand crafted Christmas decorations you have saved over the years. When you unpack your decorations it must really be a nostalgic time! Those snowmen made out of cups are so cute. My son would enjoy making those, I bet. (He's 10). Maybe you can sneak a pic of your husbands room and let us see it! I bet he can tell you where everything is though. Ha!

Pondside said...

Linda, will you please bottle up some of your energy and send it on up to me? courier please!
I wish you'd been my neighbour when the kids were growing up!

A Vintage Green said...

Living the moment. Loved you post today (actually I love all your posts, its like quick visits to an old friend).

Sweet Tea said...

At first I thought you meant your dh had those plants since he was in the second grade!! LOL!! What a lovely collection of snowmen you have. Do you keep them out all winter or just during Christmas? Loved your photos!

Deb said...

love your snowmen Linda...

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Can see that your fun with crafting, passed on to your children. What a fun Mom you must have been!!!

"The holly's up, the house is all bright,
The tree is ready, the candles alight:
Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight!"

~~P. Cornelius

Changes in the wind said...

Well you got me this time...the snowman is my all time favorite and you have some great ones:)

Carla said...

I keep thinking which is my favorite tree and then here you come with the snowman.
So cute