Monday, December 19, 2011

Decoupage Christmas Plates

Today has been a chilly wet day in North Texas! I am getting ready for tomorrow's Christmas Tea. I think preparing for a party is nearly as rewarding as hosting it!
I have enjoyed getting out dishes I have not seen since last year.

These are my decoupaged Christmas plates - and ONE bowl! Amber, Benjamin and I made these many years ago. The directions came from an issue (now vintage!) of Victorian Magazine.

We collected clear glass plates from the local Goodwill's and thrift stores.
You can use printed napkins or the pretty printed tissue paper found so easily this time of year. If you use the napkins you must separate the layers and use only the TOP printed one. Plates, napkins and/or tissue paper, Modge Podge, and your choice of metallic craft paint. I personally prefer the copper toned ones.

The plates must be hand washed.
These have been used for the last 18 years or so.....albeit only a few times each year!

I love the look of all things Victorian and these so ARE!!

My youngest grand daughter paid us a visit this afternoon.
What would Christmas be without children?
I hope I never find out!
She is adorable and I enjoyed showing her all the Christmas trees.

We took a little break and hit up the local Dollar General store.
I was sad to see all the lights were already gone.
I use a TON of the white Christmas lights all year long and usually stock up right here at the end of the season. I especially use the 20 count strands for the wine bottle lights I make. I will have to make a point of stopping in at all the $$$ stores I pass as well as every Big Lot Store!

Summer and the baby are gone now and it is time to get down to business.
Thankfully, Louis Dean does not mind chopping vegetables.
He can make an awesome turkey salad and that is on the menu for my Christmas Tea.

I think I will make us up a simple dinner salad for our evening meal. Add a few crackers and a slice of cheese and a glass of wine......that should do nicely!
Dressed in our pajamas and sitting by the fireplace is just the ticket!
Tonight is one of our favorite TV nights.
The Closer comes on.
We always record it to the DVR and then watch it as soon as it's done!

Sometimes it is the simple pleasures of life and living that mean so very much!
One can do without the BIG things.
Give me the 'little' things any day!!


Connie ❀ said...

Sounds like a veery comfy evening. Yes, I agree about grandchildren -- so precious and funny.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and all my best to you.

darlin said...

The plates are amazing, exactly what do you do? Lay out the napkin and use decoupage? Do you put a few coats on? I'd love to give this a try, what an amazingly wonderful idea! I cannot justify spending the sort of money they want to charge for special Christmas plates, these are unique and add a real touch of class.

Your granddaughter is so adorable!

Enjoy your party, it sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day.

Pondside said...

What a day - and what a perfect ending to it!

Texas Tales said...

I remember decoupaging LOTS of stuff when Ben & I were little, including those plates!! Nothing ever goes to waste at your house, and it almost always results in a memory. Sounds like both you and LD are very much enjoying the build-up to Christmas and I'm so glad. Have fun with the Christmas tea, one of these years I'll be there! Although I have no qualms sipping my own cup of Christmas tea here in Italy this time. ;) Ready to be home soon!!!

Deb said...

you are so creative those plates...

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhhhh, sweet baby girl at Christmas time. They do make the Season, don't they? :-)

Sounds like a perfect few-days-before-Christmas evening.

"Then I would be slap-dashing home, the gravy smell of the dinners of others, the bird smell, the brandy, the pudding and mince, coiling up to my nostrils..."
~~Dylan Thomas

Linda Chapman said...

To make the plates:
Use clean clean glass plates, saucers, bowls.
Tissue paper or the top printed layer of decorative napkins.
Modge Podge brushes
metallic craft paint (water based)

Cut circles of the paper using your dish as a pattern. Make cuts into the circle several inches long to allow the paper to fold over instead of wrinkling. Brush BOTTOM of plate with Modge Podge....lay the tissue on it RIGHT SIDE facing the plate. Smooth out the air bubbles. Allow to dry. The edges may not be smooth and they can become hard as they dry. I simply use sand paper and smooth the edges. Next you paint the bottom of the plate with craft paint. I prefer the more luxurious look of the metallic ones. Again allow to dry. These dishes are safe to eat from for all the paint and paper are on the other side. You could make plates for all sorts of ocassions.....Easter, birthdays, whatevere!

Kelly said...

Your decopauged plates are so pretty. I can't believe how long you've had them! You've done a great job taking care of them. Your evening sounds nice. I agree that it is the little things that happen day to day that add up to a happy life. We're probably going to watch The X-Factor tonight. It's down to the finals now. School is out (starting tomorrow) and so my house will be a little noiser than usual and I'll be a little busier than usual too.

Anonymous said...

Those plates are just beautiful! You are such a crafty lady

Glad you got to enjoy some time with the grandbaby. I bet your Grands just LOVE all your decor at Christmas time

You & LD enjoy your dinner & show. Your so right, life is about the little things!!!

for the love of a house said...

I love your plates Linda, they really are beautiful. I am so impressed that you have had (and used!) them for so many years. I think that is wonderful. Your family will always have such sweet memories of them.
Your gbabies are adorable, and I agree.. it's the simple things in life!!
I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

p.s. thank you so much for leaving your "calling card!"

Flora said...

What a busy day! The plate are beautiful!! would love to make some..

Judanna said...
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Judanna said...

It was wonderful meeting you and all your lady friends. Thank you for a most gracious evening in you lovely "Winter Wonderland Home". Everything is just beautiful and the food was incredible. Again, thank you.

darlin said...

Thank you Linda!

Carla said...

Really you can eat off the decoupaged Christmas plates? I would have thought they'd peel with the moisture and use. That's cool. Okay I re-read the instructions. hmmm. I may ask you again later how to do but sounds like I need to go to the dollar store to buy some clear plates. Only problem I hate to hand wash. hmmm