Monday, April 25, 2011

Redeeming the Eggs......

I redeemed the eggs for NEXT years Easter wreath! I was browsing through blogs last week and found this great wreath from May Days. I LOVED it and determined right then and there that I would make my very own before putting up all the decorations.

So yesterday evening as Louis Dean and I were sitting in the gazebo I spied an old grapevine wreath, a basket of colored plastic eggs and a floral arrangement that had seen better days. Louis Dean kept me company as I plugged up the trusty glue gun and set to work!

I like the way it turned out! The last Easter Egg Wreath I made was back in 1985 when I was pregnant with Amber. I used a straw wreath base and covered it solid in eggs. I told Louis Dean it had not held up very well......I had to throw it away a few years ago! Funny how I get attached to something because of the memories I associate with it  and don't realize how many years have passed and how it has aged!

I walked Lucy after my craft session......a good long walk nearly up to the fire station and back before the lightning started in earnest and the rain began to fall just as we rounded the corner for home. We continued to sit out there in the gazebo and enjoy the evening thunderstorm. A good way to end Easter Sunday....listening to the rain and admiring next Easter's wreath!

Now I have spent a good part of this Monday gathering all the decorations up and packing them away! Seems a little bare around here in places. I will have to see what I can do to fill up these 'Bare Spots.' Have you heard Louis Dean's joke about a 'Bare Spot' on my wall? Normally you can't spread your hand out anywhere on my walls....they are FULL!!! He said he wanted me to paint a bear and he would name him Spot. That way I would always have a BARE SPOT on my wall! Little did he know I already HAD a painting of a bear hanging in the den. Louis Dean is a truly good sport living with me and all my 'stuff.' Of course HE has a lot of stuff, too!! Only his stuff is BIG! Like a baby grand piano in our den!

Louis Dean had his Monday night jam session....I  served dinner and after more 'jamming' I took in dessert....peach cobbler as per requested by the piano player! Louis Dean was SO excited he came tonight! Good music, good food and good friends. We missed Brenda tonight but she'll be back next Monday. Their last song was the one Louis Dean always sings last of all when he plays for me......'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?'  It has been a really GOOD Monday!

"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."

John Howard Payne    ( 1791 - 1852 )


Luann said...

LOVE the egg wreath.. It is a keeper for sure. I sent you a story with pictures of an Easter tree in Germany. It "looks" like it would be of great interest to you. Enjoy decorating for the Patriotic days ahead.

Carla said...

Really cute idea!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Your egg wreath turned out great! Glad you had a good musical Monday evening :)

Diana Ferguson said...

Peach cobbler ---yum!!!! I know you have to be a great cook.