Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life is Good.....

The last few days I have been reminded how GOOD life is. How GOOD God is to me and those I love.
Sunday's service at Fellowship church was amazing! Ed Young is one of the world's greatest speakers and we are so blessed to be a member there and hear him week in and week out. The staff is incredible. Sunday he asked for everyone to raise their hand if they had been baptized at Fellowship. HUNDREDS and hundreds of people lifted their hands into the air. Then he asked for everyone who had been baptized within the last 12 months to raise their hand.........SO many people!! Those people went forward and formed a 'human tunnel' like they do at sports events where the players run through after a game. THEN the people who had accepted Christ as their Saviour THAT VERY MORNING were asked to come forward and go through the tunnel.....and out to be baptized THAT VERY DAY!

Talk about exciting! A total of 537 people were baptized from all 5 campuses for this ONE weekend!

"A church that is not concerned for the unchurched is NOT a properly functioning church." (I hope I am quoting this correctly!) The Bible says when Christ is preached multitudes come. We see this happening with our very own eyes.

After that dynamic message we then drove straight to Fort Worth to attend the a birthday party! Little 'Katy Love' as we call her is one year old. She was born VERY premature but you would never guess that by looking her!  We enjoyed visiting with my brother, Lonnie, and his wife as well as Deanie and Charlie and Nita and Mike and Mother and other guests. I did not remember to take my camera and they have not posted pics yet but we all had the best time.....take my word for it!

On the way to the party we sopped at one of my favorite thrift stores and I found a couple of treasures!

'Loved' this classy pillow! Velvet,satin, a little bead work and feathers!!

This clever pillow caught my eye! I thought Louis Dean would get a kick out of it!

This is the other side!

We returned home late in the afternoon  and I changed into work clothes and proceeded to de weed my front flower bed! We had stopped on the way and I had picked up some plants.....two varieties of lavender and a Texas sage and a Texas Tarragon (use this to flavor tea! Can't wait to try it!) By day's end these were all safely planted and Louis Dean had done pretty much finished the trim in my bathroom.

Sunday was a GOOD day!

Then Monday was just as nice. My favorite Marine came over to visit. He is home on a 10 day leave and Monday just happened to be his 23rd birthday!

Then my daughter, Summer, had good reports from TWO doctor visits!!
Praise God! I have much to be thankful for!

I didn't take pics from yesterday but Louis Dean worked on doing the last two things in my bathroom.
Installing the sink/vanity and the commode. At 5:00 I could see it was.not.going.to.happen.
I insisted he stop and get ready for his music jam session.
It was a good evening of music and fellowship and just what he needed.

He is back in there (the bathroom) as I write and I hope to post tomorrow about a COMPLETED project.
But.....not yet! He has lost a bolt or nut or some such thing and I sure hope he finds it.....today!


Deb said...

sounds like a great weekend...he is a great minister I've listened to him when he was at the Irving Arts Center...

Luann said...

Summer is looking really good. Is she losing weight? She looks like she is. WOW a year went fast. Seems like only yesterday Katy Love was born. Glad you were able to go and isn't it awesome to be in such a lively church? It is amazing to see what the good Lord is doing through His people.

Carla said...

Cute pillow. David would have a comment for that.
How far is LBJ lake from you?

Nita said...

It was a really nice weekend for me also. So glad you & Louis Dean made it to Katies
birthday party. I love the the pillow it's
to cute! Have a great rest of the week!