Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Birds are GONE!!

We have new residents in our neighborhood.

Can you see the nest up in the tree?

I have noticed the birds at our feeders have all but disappeared! When I looked out the window last week I saw a hawk swooping down the middle of the street. They ARE majestic......but I am missing the birds! AND the music of birdsong!

One afternoon last fall Louis Dean and I were sitting in the gazebo when a hawk flew down and caught a tiny bird as we watched. It was a chilling sight! The poor bird was squeaking in terror.

The 'Hawk Tree' is across the street and on the corner. From their perch they can see out over the whole neighborhood!
The house is vacant so perhaps that is one reason they chose to build their nest in a front yard tree.

I love to watch a hawk soar in the air.
I love watching the little birds more!
Hopefully someone will move in to the house soon and the hawks can relocate!

"The bird hunting locust is unaware of the hawk hunting him."
~Proverb Quote


Deb said...

hopefully the hawks will move on your song birds will come back..

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, Linda...we just started to get hawks or falcons, I don't know which, and they scare the daylights out of me. We have an 8 pound dog and I am so nervous when I let her out. They are nesting in a tree in our backyard. This blows my mind since we live in the city. I think they are really confused. I got a good picture of one the other day, maybe I will post it and someone can give me some advice. I am really afraid they are going to attack my dog!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Sorry your little birdie had to flee :( Maybe the hawks will find another home, soon!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh sigh.... I too hate it when a hawk comes around. You are really "messed," aren't you? With a hawk with a nest up high, to survey the whole neighborhood. -sighhhhhhhhhhh-

Gentle hugs...