Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter's Grace....

This morning we observed the first Sunday of the Advent Season with 'Winter's Grace' Cantata and Hanging of the Greens. It was a beautiful service and reminded us of the spiritual meaning of so many of the decorations we use at Christmas.

I tried to take a few 'discreet' pictures....not sure of the etiquette of taking photos during church!

My camera does not do justice to the beauty of the service or the choir.....this lady sings like an angel!
And, YES! She is wearing a crown of candles!

Our gifted choir.

Our very talented choir director.

Even the lights were a part of the service!

At a certain point in the service the congregation was invited to hang the Chrismons we had made in a previous year. The word "Chrismon", is a medieval Latin word meaning a symbol of Christ or Christianity, or a "Christ-Monogram". ....Ornaments of Faith.

By the end of the service the tree was complete.
Let the Season BEGIN!

In the same manner in which we clean and prepare our homes in the anticipation of welcomed guests and family members this Christmas season, let us also prepare our hearts in anticipation of the Lord's coming. Christ, our most honoured and eagerly anticipated guest, desires to meet with us in a heart prepared for his arrival. So eager is he to meet with us that he offers to help us with our spiritual housecleaning, working with us; creating a resting place for Himself within our hearts.

Katherine Walden

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Luann said...

It is beautiful. That was one thing I always loved about a military chapel. We got to experiance ALL the denominational traditions during the holidays. I miss a traditional church this time of year. Thanks for sharing the experiance. almost as good as being there. Love ya!