Monday, November 29, 2010

I Must be CRAZY......

(I could not get it all in ONE pic!)

I  have WAY too much in the way of Christmas decorations!! TONS and TONS of it!

Louis Dean and I unloaded the shed attic late this afternoon......

5 Ornament Boxes.....a couple of them hand painted and handmade!
6 HUGE tubs FULL
13 tubs FULL (18 gallon size)
12 trash bags of garland and other 'debris' not suitable for tubs!
3 Christmas trees.....2 (6 1/2 ') and 1 (4 1/2') ...smaller trees in bags!
Various garlands, door mats, and other odd and end things

My long suffering husband who could NOT believe the HUGE amount of decorations!
(Even though we have been married 5 years and he has seen this all more than ONCE!)

Last year I did NOT (gasp!) decorate! At least not much! Louis Dean and I spent Christmas in Scotland with Amber and Mike. Before we left we discovered the shed roof was leaking and had ruined some of my 'stuff'! So Louis Dean rushed to the rescue and secured the decorations awaiting our return from Scotland at which time he put a new roof on the storage building. So this is the first time in two years we have unloaded the whole thing! (well....all of the Christmas things! Fall is inside the house in the attic but the storage building holds all the other seasons! And I decorate for ALL the seasons!) WHAT a job! He is also tearing out my bathroom for a major remodel! That's why he looks the way he does in the pic! Poor man! He is such a good sport! But then am I! You know he tore out ALL my bathroom (sheet rock, sink, insulation.....etc)? I did not even think about where he was PUTTING that stuff!!! UNTIL I tried to get to the storage building this morning! It COVERED the patio by our bedroom door!! He had to move all that and clean off the area before I could even get started! That is why it was late this afternoon before we could GET to the decorations to unload them! SO.....tomorrow I will actually BEGIN the process of dressing the house for Christmas!
But for now.....we are heading to the den, light the fireplace, pour us a glass of wine and watch a little TV!
We have done ENOUGH for one day!!


Mummers said...

You are both so crazy! Crazy about each other, I love it! Can't wait to see your Christmas decorated house. I know Abby will love looking at all the lights.

Texas Tales said...

That is definitely a lot of stuff!!! Glad he was able to get it all down without incident, but we might need to come up with a safer storage solution for Ma and Pa Kettle in the near future. :)

nita said...

Wow! I want some of your energy! just looking at all the boxes full of decorations wore me out.
You will make everything beautiful as usual.