Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Scotland Experience......Part 3

Daily Life in Aberdeen
(from my 2009 Journal)

(I KNOW this pic is blurry but it's the only one I have of us leaving for her office that morning!)

I walked to work with Amber on Monday morning. She works 10-4 M/T/W as a Marketing Manager for H-Events. Her boss is wonderful & appreciates Amber’s work & talents! It is a good experience to work with him & broaden her knowledge in this field adding yet another dimension to her resume!

 I left there to explore Union Street. Louis Dean had decided to spend the morning baking biscuits and resting. I walked up Union & had coffee at the Burger King where Amber first skyped me when she arrived in Aberdeen! On down was the McDonald’s with the cemetery/ park. I passed many places she has written about in her blog…..The Foundry, The Justice Mill…..Primark. I shopped at the last one for a cap & scarf. I selected a purple sparkly one (thanks to fellow shoppers giving me a thumbs up on the SPARKLY one as opposed to the plain purple!) plopped it on my head (bad hair days here since the air is so wet!) then searched for a scarf to match. There was a little old man & woman browsing the area & he said (IN Scottish voice!) “Ye be tryin’ to find a scaff to match ‘er ‘at?” I then remembered I was wearing it with the price tag hanging off the back! I yanked it off and said, “OOPS!!” He laughed and I heard him telling his wife about the ‘lady lookin’ to match a scaff to ‘er ‘at!” I love to hear the people talk… pretty!! I had a few errands to do ….stopped at the postal office to mail a few cards and coming back on Wed. to mail the rest. I found a packet of needles in a little shop and then strolled on down the street stopping at each ‘Charity Shop’ as I came to it! For 99 pence each I found 2 very nice scarves. EVERYONE wears scarves here and they DO keep you very warm!! I decided to stop in at Amber’s office to drop off some cough drops I had picked up for her. I went inside and told the receptionist I was going back to see my daughter. She just LOOKED at me funny and said, “Yes, well……” so I went on back!! After wandering through a couple offices it dawned on me I was in the WRONG place altogether! So I calmly walked back to the reception area thanking the lady as I went out! As I shared this encounter with Amber, she said, “And you wonder why we worry about letting you loose in Aberdeen!!” Amber fixed us a lovely spread of meat, cheeses, wine, nuts, olives, peppers and crackers for dinner.

Tuesday Louis Dean joined me in the walk to Union Street and we had lunch at The Justice Mill.

I ordered my first Fish N Chips.......

and he ‘dined’ on a Guinness.

 The Guinness is so THICK it could serve as a liquid meal with all the calories in it! NO nutrition, though! Mike had not had Pizza Hut in months and months so they ordered 4 for Tues. night’s meal. Wednesday was a lazy laid back day for us. I walked to do a few errands…picked up some milk at a local grocer. I asked if they had yeast and the lady threw out her hands and said, “OH MY NO!!! That would only be found in a LARGE grocery!! We have no call for that here! As a matter of fact YOU are the ONLY person who has EVER asked for it!!” Come to think of it, France is famous for their breads but the UK is known mainly for scones, etc. not so much yeast bread! So I guess Louis Dean will have to be content making biscuits! He wanted to make the rolls he made for Thanksgiving of which Deanie is so fond. Amber and Mike had a business dinner and then went out so Louis Dean and I had the flat to ourselves tonight.

We dressed and walked back up to the Ferry Hill Inn and back. The weather is in the 30’s and there is always some kind of moisture lurking about! The walk was nice and when we returned we settled down to a serious evening of playing Triominoes, reading and watching a movie. I like the fact that we are here long enough to keep a slow and easy pace just taking everything as it comes. Amber is off today (Thursday) and we will see what adventures are in store for us now!!


Retirement... said...

What a great trip! And it will probably be a nice place to spend Thanksgiving if you're still there. I went to visit my son in Denmark when he was there on a semester abroad. I loved it - so this brings back fond memories for me. Have a great time!
(I had plenty of bad hair days in Copenhagen too - but then, everyone's hair looked a little droopy - haha)

Linda Chapman said...

Thanks!! This was actually a trip we too LAST December....I plan to print this year's blog into a keepsake book and I wanted to include our Scotland experience! Thanks for stopping by! I am going to look for your blog!

Texas Tales said...

We had such a great time! I loooove reading these again :)