Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday.....

Today we attended a Happy Birthday Party honoring my 89 year old Aunt Alice. It was a delightful afternoon filled with the sounds of laughter as remembrances were recalled and the joys of seeing cousins and relatives! All too often these days the times for gathering are centered around funerals and weddings. While these serve a purpose it is so very nice to gather simply to celebrate a birthday and enjoy visiting with each other! My Aunt said this was the happiest and BEST birthday she ever had! She had NO IDEA so MANY would be there! She is an amazing 89 she bowls three days a week and is still driving her own car! She has ALWAYS been incredible so one should not be surprised she still is! My Mother and all three of my siblings were there. We laughed and ate and had FUN! Good, clean, simple FUN! Just being together! Before the meal my cousin Richard Lloyd gave thanks in prayer for the occasion and for God's goodness to us all. I am PROUD of my family. Just average working people which is what makes people EXCEPTIONAL! All families have their share of sorrows as well as joys...learning and growing from BOTH! So, YES! Today was wonderful!

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