Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thrift Stores and Cripple Creek! Our Tuesday in Colorado!!

We packed up after another good breakfast this morning and drove down through Manitou Springs.
What should I spy but a THRIFT Store!!!

I even found a bit of debris to take home!!

I do so love a good thrift store!

Especially one with free parking in a Pay to Park section of Manitou!
And isn't it a darling little parking lot?

We drove up into the residential areas of Manitou admiring the pretty houses.
There would be a lovely one like this and then some ramshackle house next door.
Lots of interesting homes and just as interesting people!!

Since this is Tuesday we hit up the local Goodwill!

We were super impressed with this Goodwill!
Everything was neat and clean and organized.
The male workers all wore dress shirts and slacks and everyone was so polite and kind!
They even have this coffee area for their customers complete with cookies!
Louis Dean and I enjoyed a cup together while HE showed ME the things HE found!!

Not one but TWO western style snap shirts that FIT!!!
And see those glasses back there? They are his favorite kind! $0.79 for TWO and he has announced they do NOT go in the dishwasher - it RUINS them!!!
Like I'm going to hand wash plastic glasses as if they were fine crystal??
Well, we'll see.......

I found some treasures myself!
As they were ringing up our purchases, the checkers commented on what cool things we found!!

I now have a new fall coffee cup and Louis Dean has been wanting a glass like this one with a straw.
The coffee place mats and coasters are brand new!!
Win! WIN!!!

From the Goodwill we drove on up Highway 24 to The Wines of Colorado!

My new camera does some pretty cool things.
Louis Dean found this by accident.
I haven't figured out HOW he did it!

I did, indeed, order a glass of pinot grigio and it DID taste just as good as I remembered!
I only ordered the ONE glass but I did buy a bottle to take home AND a wine glass.

Louis Dean was a happy man!!!
He had his Buffalo Burger!!

I even ordered MY very FIRST one!!!
It was seriously delicious!!!

I always visit the Ladies Room where ever I go!
LOVED this one!
How clever....

I may have to paint a wall when I get home. 
It will have to be an OUTSIDE wall!

THIS painted wall was on the outside of the building!

We drove on up Highway 24 to Divide and then turned south on Highway 67 going down to Cripple Creek.

It was a beautiful drive!!

Louis Dean was in awe!

The aspens are changing and I love to see and HEAR the trees rustle.

There is Cripple Creek down there below.

We kept pulling over and taking pictures!

It has been another good day!

We are now tuckered OUT and tucked IN our motel room!
This was my very last day to be 65!
Tomorrow we will celebrate my birthday by driving down to Canon City and riding the train through the Royal Gorge! LAST year I rode a motorcycle on the beach on my birthday! Wonder WHAT I will do NEXT year??


Amber B. said...

So glad y'all are having a good trip!!

Ginny said...

I wish you a wonderful birthday! We are the same age. You did not find debris, it looks like a cute fall decoration!! You are the only other person I know besides me who will carry a camera into the ladies room and take a picture. I say beautiful artistic bathroom walls need to be seen! You really made a good haul at this fancy Goodwill! I think for your birthday next year, you should travel through all the states to stop at each Goodwill!

Penny Miller said...

Great photo's Linda, you and Louis Dean are certainly having a ball! X

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you do something extra special today. Looks like your trip is going great. The scenery there is so pretty!

Changes in the wind said...

what makes a trip wonderful is doing the things you like to do and not what others say you should do. You and hubby have it all figured out:)

Sandra said...

LOVE all the photos, every single one... oh NOOOO you have turned LD into a 'thrifter"... LOL.... i love the building that had the thrift store in it.

Deanie W said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! Looks fun:)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Aren't the aspens so pretty this time of the year? I love to hear their music, too, Linda! I also like bison burgers! Bison meat is so tender and lean. That Goodwill looked fabulous! We have a very large "Arc" charity store near me, and my daughter and I have fun looking for goodies there whenever we can

Susie said...

Linda, I have never seen a good will that nice. I have seen them near ritzy neighborhoods..but with coffee and cookies. I love the wonderful pictures you are showing us. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. You are looking good girl. xoxo,Susie

Wanda said...

What a great first day. And goodness that Goodwill store was a find. So glad you are having such a good time.

Linda said...

What a wonderful birthday get away!!!! you are one blessed woman! Isn't it wonderful to be able to find thrift stores wherever we go??? I used to live in Colorado Springs but have never been to the places you mentioned. Continue to have fun!

Linda said...

Happy birthday to you! What a wonderful time you and Louis Dean had! I love that thrift store, and it is so nice that they had coffee and offerings for their customers! I love Louis Dean's finds, as well as your finds! :)

Say What? said...

What an amazing day. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful fall pictures. Happy Birthday to you. ((hugs))

Carole said...

Have a super duper birthday, Linda! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Gypsy Heart said...

CO is so beautiful! I love it there and also in northern New Mexico. The foliage is gorgeous and the smell of Pinion wood in fireplaces is just awesome. So very glad you're having such a wonderful trip! Would love to join you for a glass of that wine ~ :)