Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Crafty Saturday and Sacred Sunday

We are LOVING this cooler, more fall like weather!! Sleeping with the door open and the attic fan on is some of the best sleep there is! Normally I have the A/C, ceiling fan and sound machine on but the last two nights have only used the attic and ceiling fan. One night we even had a little bit of rain music! Saturday I slept in and Louis Dean had coffee waiting for me in the gazebo. It was after noon before I was even thinking about getting dressed!

I drove over to Summer's for a crafty afternoon!

Raynie made the fence scarecrow and did a right good job of it!

She has those LONG strokes down well!!
I forgot to take a picture of it finished but it looked so cute!

Raynie Pooh and Shadow,
Shadow used to be my dog years ago. Summer and Sabrina have been so good to her.

It was a fun Saturday spent with super fun people!!
Everyone loves Summer!!!

My daughter in law, Leigh Ann, has a set of blocks I have long admired.
This day Summer and I made our own.
I used a vintage hymnal from 1931. The pages were soft and brown with age.
Summer used a newer 'vintage' hymnal with pages still white.

Summer is a scrapbooker and has all sorts of cool tools and supplies.
I just supplied the blocks and hymnals.

Look at clever they turned out!!
I LOVE them!!!!
So it was a crafty day all around.
We worked in the kitchen at the tall table while Sabrina cooked.

She cooked for over 4 hours preparing an authentic Puerto Rico meal.

She has just returned from a month in PR and loved the food!
Some good friends were visiting over the weekend so they hunted up a market and bought all the special spices and ingredients for a hum dinger of a meal!!!
Those beans weren't just any beans! Two kinds and some bacon and spices.
SO good!!!

She used plantains in a couple of the dishes.

Beans, shrimp, pork, rice.......
And the FLAN!!! Oh, MY! The FLAN!!!
I didn't get a picture of that but I have to tell you it was seriously delicious!!
Good food and fun people made for a happy meal!

It was special spending time with Raynie! We played jump rope and talked and did bubbles outside.
She is precious and I treasure the memories we made.
I am her 'Bella!!'

I was sleeping so good this morning it was hard to wake up!!
Louis Dean brought me breakfast in bed!
Coffee, toast, a fried egg and a sausage patty.
We dressed for church and actually got there early!!
That nearly never happens!
I am on time for flights and doctor appointments but tend to be late for virtually everything else.
We are loving this church!! The extra perk is that's where Amber and Mike and the quads attend as well. Amber loves to do big Sunday dinners and today was an excellent one.
Salmon baked as only she can do it!!
My only experience is croquettes made from canned salmon!
We watched the Cowboys win their football game and went back to church to meet with the pastor and staff. We are even more impressed with this dynamic, evangelical, fundamental, conservative United Methodist Church! We will be placing membership there soon.

 I took a Sunday nap when we got home!

I am not sure my AUTUMN letters will stay here but that's where they are for now.

I cleaned the den and lit my candles to celebrate a September Sunday evening!

There's just something about a Sunday evening that feels so homey.

As I lit these little fall candles I am reminded of the special friend who gave them to me.

So many of my things have memories associated with them.
The pumpkins were on clearance after Thanksgiving at the local HEB by the RV park we lived in while we were down in Katy. More memories.

I have had these string mesh pumpkins for over 35 years.

I love the colors of fall.....the oranges and browns and yellows.

The den is my favorite room!

This is where I am tonight. Catching up on my journal.
I have kept a Country Diary for 29 years - handwritten with keepsakes stapled on the pages.
The diary arrives in October so I will soon be getting the one for next  year.
The one for 2014 arrived last October and I put it up until the New Year.
Then I could NOT find it!!! I have looked for it all these months and have never found it!
So my online journal is the only one I have for this year.
I wonder WHERE I put that one???
I can only assume it got thrown away because I have looked everywhere!!!


Deb said...

it is so nice the special times you have with your GRANDS....I love hearing all about them....

Wanda said...

Linda, I've kept journals for years and years, and so many different styles. My girls always give me new ones at Christmas. I have a bookcase full. That's were my life is recorded. What a grand Saturday and Sunday you had. All your crafts are just marvelous. Tues, Martha (a blog friend from NY I'm know for about 4 years) is flying out to CA to spend a few days with us. I love that she called it the sleepover of a lifetime. Wish you could join us.

Kathy said...

How cute Raynie is! She seems to get cuter as she gets older. I loved how she said, "Bye, bye camera guy"! Sounds like a great Sunday too.

I know what you mean about putting things away and never finding them again. That's the story of my life. I haven't kept a journal for years except for the one online. I just won a journal on a blog give away and I think I will start it again. It's a great way to record your life for the future to see.

Ginny said...

That is too bad. We seem to have a lot of things that get accidentally thrown away. Lately it was a potato peeler, wrapped up in paper towels along with the peelings and thrown away. I love the blocks! And little Raynie is so sweet, following all your directions. Your leaves and lights look like a fairy wonderland! I also love the autumn sign with a leaf on each end.

Sandra said...

my friend lost a jar of peanut butter, 2 years ago. we are waiting for it to Turn Up some day.. maybe your journal will to.... i love that photo of you and Rainie in the chair. super shot.... and her voice is so sweet....she does have the long stroke down... it looks to me like you are all ready for autumn.

Linda said...

What a nice sunday! Raynie is adorable (but I don't need to tell you that, do I?) Crafting with the grands is such fun! I don't think you'd like our cooler weather, we have had to put the heat on at night. I've tried to keep a journal....but then I take a day,week, year off....... Let us know if your ever does turn up!

bj said...

first off, I LOVE that ya'll have 2 coffee that a Santa picture on your wall..?....I drink my coffee black with sugar first cup in the morning...after that, cream your cute hat...
Enjoyed this whole post.
xoxo bj
O, and I've been searching for a french door curtain panel that I can not find ANYWHERE...found one...why would I not put the two TOGETHER??
Of course, I have a very good reason for losing things beside being old and forgetful...I JUST MOVED....:)

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Well, cute pictures....Looks like a very busy day. Love the blocks and that dinner looked fabulous! I still can't find my bunny plates...LOL