Sunday, September 21, 2014


I went to bed last night at 8:30 - and was so excited about our vacation that I could NOT go to sleep until after 1:00 am! Louis Dean woke me up at 2:30! We were on the road by 3:30!
I rode shotgun until we were away from the metroplex - then I crawled (literally!) into the back seat and went back to sleep!

Louis Dean stopped at every single rest area and that's why I saw this beautiful moon.

That's the same reason I saw this sunrise!!!
NOT a scene I am used to seeing!

Louis Dean always has an attitude!!!
He is SO cute!!

He drove to Amarillo while I slept most of the way.
IHOP for breakfast and it appears he was given an empty cup!

We were fortified with good COFFEE and breakfast then switched drivers!
I drove the rest of the way.

Louis Dean has a special fondness for New Mexico.
He and Ellen taught school here for two years.

I could feel the change in climate.
MUST stay hydrated!!!

View from the parking lot of our motel.

Just across the highway from this church.

We are in Trinidad and as soon as we checked in and unloaded - it started to rain!

I enjoyed two of my favorite sounds in all the world!
Football on TV and RAIN! We left the door open as we watched the Denver game......

Probably NOBODY noticed my nudity in the photos of me today!
I feel NAKED without my earrings and one of the set I wore this morning broke.
My jewelry bag was in my suitcase and not easy to get to - so I was earring LESS for most of the day! No worries! Louis Dean had some Gorilla Glue with him and fixed it for me!
LD is 'Old School' as well as being a heart patient.
He likes motel rooms where you can park right smack dab in front of your room! He would perfer NOT to have to haul all of our 'stuff' any farther than he HAS to!
I prayed ahead of time that we would find one and so we did!

After the Denver game was over we went right next door to a great little Mexican restaurant!

A prefect ending to our very first day of vacation!

I am a happy camper!
We came back to the room to watch the premier of Madam Secretary followed by more football!
I think I am about to call it a day!
Louis Dean is trying to act manly and keep watching the football game but I'm pretty sure he will be asleep very soon!!!
We are loving us some COLORADO!!!!

by Merle Haggard

There's a place where mother nature's got it all together
She knows just when to let wild flowers bloom
Some-how she always seems to know exactly what she's doin'
And The Lord saw fit to furnish elbow room.

Have you ever been down to Colorado
I spend a lot of time there in my mind.
And if God doesn't live in Colorado
I'll bet that's where He spends most of his time.

I'd love to be there watching early in the morning
The sun comes up and crowns the mountain king
If by chance you dare to be there high upon the mountain
I swear that you can hear the angels sing.

Have you ever been down to Colorado
I spend a lot of time there in my mind.
And if God doesn't live in Colorado
I'll bet that's where He spends most of his time.


LV said...

You picked a perfect place for your trip. I have been to Colorado several times and never tire of seeing the beauty. My niece has a cabin near Harstell..Co. I think it is West of Colorado Springs.I am not good at directions. Stay safe and enjoy.

Ginny said...

Madam Secretary got so messed up tonight! I had been sure to tape everything that followed it, and still missed a lot! Shucks! You are too adorable in the last picture. To tell you the truth, I never notice your earrings. Only your face, which is always so magnetic and full of joy. Your pink sunrise is beautiful, something I never see! I am a total night owl. Louis Dean is so cute, you are very blessed to have him.

Kathy said...

So you finally got to see a sunrise. I see one most every morning as I get ready for work. You are staying at a beautiful spot. Who could ever get tired of that scenery? Glad you got there OK. Have a wonderful time!


That is where I grew up...almost 50 years of living in Colorado...and Bud was born there. You'll love it there...everywhere. [He had super glue with him?, an organized traveler to be sure!]

Sandra said...

so glad you are having a safe and happy room and tell LD i am with him, so is my hubby, we only stay where we can see the car... not hotels for us... yes we are old school to....

Jan said...

Brings back memories of the years we lived just west of Santa Fe, NM. We loved to take trips around the area and up into Colorado! It's so beautiful this time of year. Enjoy!

must love junk said...

Sounds wonderful! You two are just so cute! :)

Blondie's Journal said...

You're off to a great start. I love your enthusiasm, even after sleeping in the back seat of the car!

Jane xx

Susie said...

Linda, My sister Brenda Lived in Colorado for 17 years, then Moved back to Indy. She loved her life there. I have visited. Saw the garden of the Gods. Many other sites. Be safe on your trip. xoxo,Susie

Gypsy Heart said...

So happy you're enjoying your trip! I lived in Amarillo 10 years when my kids were little. We'd go over to New Mexico a lot, as well as Colorado. I really miss those trips!

You look so cute ~ even without your jewelry. :)