Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A GOOD Wednesday!!

Louis Dean had his echo cardiogram done this afternoon and he did well!
All we have left is to visit with the cardiologist on Monday!

Sometimes the waiting room is the scariest part of a visit to a cardiologist!
We lightened the moments by taking pictures and reading Amber's latest blog post.

This morning Louis Dean and I spent roughly two hours working outside cleaning up the deck area.
This crosscut saw hung in the utility room - before our recent renovation.

Now it hangs over the kitchen French doors.

Louis Dean discovered BUGS (weevils) in the bird seed.
Do not the birds EAT bugs???
Note to LD: Do not buy so much bird seed!!!
At least at one time!

We only have about two hours to work outside because the temps and the sun make it impossible to stay any longer! At least on THIS side of the house!

The deck had been trashed with recent projects....
the laundry room cabinets, the FLOOD, all kinds of things!

Tarps, tools, etc. - all gone!
After our 'outside work' we went INSIDE to the A/C and finished our morning routine - more coffee and our reading.

I did several craft projects this afternoon.
These scarecrows were on a sweat shirt from years past.
I cut this section off a year or two ago and figured I would find a way to use it someday.
All I did was staple it to a piece of wood!
Win! WIN!!!

My next project??
I found this is in a magazine.
Hmmmmm.... I bet I could do that!!
AND I can do it a whole lot cheaper than $45!!!

Louis Dean whacked me up a few fence posts!

And lo, and BEHOLD!!
An inexpensive and EASY fall craft!!

I am hosting an October Dinner/Craft Party for the Fun Girls Group and I am thinking this might well be the craft for that night! Easy Peasy!!!

I had a great arts and craft time this evening! 
This is the craft the quads started yesterday.

I added the details and then glued on the stars and noses, hammered in the 'feet' and stained the entire thing.

The pattern called for a black and white bow but all I had was black ribbon.

The cut outs are open so I used a staple gun to attach dark brown/black felt to the back side.
It is DONE!!!

Louis Dean and I have already had a driveway sit in between the time I uploaded my pictures for this post and the writing of 'my words.' That's the way I do my journal entries.....first the pics...then the 'words.'
It's been a good day and I am so grateful for that!!


LV said...

Thanks for allowing us to enjoy your projects. Glad to hear Louis Dean got a good report and trust he will continue to be okay. Love your blog sidebars.

Ginny said...

The quads craft turned out awesome! And so did your fence post scarecrow. It looks even better then the original one. You really have a nice big deck. I am very glad to hear the Louis Dean is in such good health!

Deb said...

I'm looking forward to our Fun Girls night at your beautiful home! Glad all went well at the appointment!

Sandra said...

in the photo of LD sitting at the trash cans, it looks like he is a drummer playing on trash can lids.. the triple punking the quads painted came our really well. and that fence post craft is really a great idea and really cute....

Changes in the wind said...

Love the tee shirts on the wood and your fence post looks terrific!!

Jan said...

Love your fence post art and the pumpkins the quads painted. I'm soooo tired of the heat and humidity! Someone forgot to tell North Texas that it's September. Hope we get the break in the weather that they are forecasting for next week!

Angie said...

I just love that sign hanging over your doors
Looks like you had a great crafting day. You made some cute things

Gypsy Heart said...

Lots of cute crafts! I think the fence post guy is adorable. I like the fall decor here on your blog too. Grateful that LD had a good report! I'm more than ready for cooler temps.