Friday, September 26, 2014

Our Last Day! Garden of the Gods......

This morning we visited the last place on our 'Bucket List' trip to Colorado!

The Garden of The Gods!
Breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!!
Yes, Ginny!!! I think I really MUST do a painting of this!!

All my denim clothes have held me in good stead!

Louis Dean was right to wear his overalls!
He has had many compliments on them!

He enjoyed one last Buffalo Burger at the Garden of the Gods Cafe.
Not AS good as the one at The Wines of Colorado but it WAS good!

Garden of the Gods certainly shows the handiwork of GOD!!!

We took some pictures and shopped the Trading Post and The Visitor Center as well as drove through the garden. We wanted to find a spot to rest and play music and read. Many visitors and no shade AND warm temps added to not finding such a spot.
SO.....we drove back up into Cheyenne Canon.

We went back to the very same place we were yesterday.

Louis Dean played and I listened and YES, I even sang along with him on a couple.
Even though I CANNOT sing - he loves it when I try!

I enjoyed sitting by the stream and listening to music and reading my book.

We left before we really WANTED to because Louis Dean's allergies and asthma took a BAD turn!!
By the time we got down from the mountains, he was in bad shape.
I ran into Safeway (LOVE that store!) and he stayed in the car - too weak to do anything or go anywhere!
We are in the room with the A/C on and will stay here until we leave for Texas in the morning.
He has coughed and choked something terrible! A hot bath and his asthma medicine plus some allergy medicine has kicked in. I found the nearest urgent care place near us just in case.
I love Facebook! I posted a prayer request and within minutes Louis Dean had calmed down and was breathing easier. Thank you so much for the prayers!!
He is resting more comfortably now. I was really scared and I think he was, too!!

Hoping for a peaceful evening and a good night's sleep.
We have had a wonderful time - but we now need to go HOME!!


Deb said...

beautiful photos Linda! so happy LD is doing better...wish you would be back in time for our Girls trip tomorrow...but we are all looking forward to October at your place...

Blondie's Journal said...

I so enjoyed your pictures and loved that you had such a great time. I felt so bad about LD. As severe asthmatic, I think the elevation might have stirred up his asthma. Allergies also make it bad. Thank goodness he had his meds and prayers!

Jane xxx

Ginny said...

I am so sorry! So he has asthma too? Allergic asthma? I know how bad and scary it is. My mom had it as a little kid so bad she had to drop out of school in third grade! Way back then, they did not know much about it or how to treat it. She spent a lot of time in oxygen tents. This was before they even had invented inhalers. She had a glass bowl with a big bulb to squeeze and a mist would come out. Well, at least he is well now and it waited till the end. What a scare! You are imply gorgeous in all your blue! And Louis Dean is pretty snappy looking too, in his overalls and cap! The Quads will be over the moon to see you!

Vee said...

Oh that was not the kind of excitement you needed. Glad that things have settled down. We are praying for you to have a sweet sleep and a nice drive home tomorrow. It really is so pretty there in Colorado.

Kathy said...

Garden of the Gods is just beautiful! You really should do a painting of it.

So glad LD is feeling better. Prayer is wonderful. Joe and I stopped what we were doing as soon as I read your post and prayed. Facebook can be bad in some ways, but what a great prayer chain you got going!

Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

So glad to hear LD is feeling better! I was worried when I read your Facebook status. High elevation is hard when one has respiratory problems, and it has been a rainy summer in Co so the pollen count is probably high. Safe trip home !


Bud and I have done a lot....LOT...of hiking in this area. The silence of the gentle wind blowing through and around the area in all seasons is something you just don't experience anywhere else. You should make a plan to return in the early winter when there is just a dusting of snowfall on these red's phenomenal.

Sandra said...

so sorry to hear about the allergy attack and happy to hear he is better. i think number 5 would make a great painting.. you look adorable in you denim and i may get bob a pair of overalls for winter. he hates wearing pants because they cut him across his waist... will have to ask him about it.

Amber B. said...

Hope LD is better, y'all make me worried. That picture of the two of you at Garden of the Gods is fantastic!

peggy said...

I've been following you all on your trip, mostly Facebook. My kids were there recently too. I am so glad Louis Dean is better. It will be good to be back home, as it always is, but what a beautiful trip you have had.

Linda said...

What a wonderful trip. Sorry LD had an attack, I can see how it would be scary, glad he is better. Have a safe trip home!!!!

Susie said...

Linda, So glad you got LD back to feeling well enough for the return trip home. That would be scary...I hate to be sick...but being sick away from home can be unsettling. I have see the Garden of the Gods. It is a beautiful place. It hard to be out and about and never have a place to rest for a bit. Nice that LD and you sang together and enjoyed the little brook again. Safe trip home. xoxo,Susie

Gypsy Heart said...

Garden of the Gods is spectacular ~ and definitely God's handiwork. So glad you enjoyed it! Thank God LD was feeling better after the meds, etc. My allergies are so bad here right now, I can only imagine how he must have felt. The asthma is scary. Praying for good health and safe travels as you return!


Penny Miller said...

So sorry to hear that Louis Dean took a bad turn, I do hope he is feeling much better now. X

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Isn't it amazing...Garden of the Gods. I have such fond memories of our time there a few years ago! Glad LD recovered from his asthma attack.

Carla said...

That view was amazing! Great shot. Can't wait to see a painting of it.
Love the picture of you by the stream