Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Fun With Mother!

I left the house at 9:45 this morning and didn't get home until after 4:00!
Mother and I had a BALL!!!

There were some rocky moments, though!!!
I had to go to the bank so In-N-Out Burger was right next door.
I was treating for lunch today and thought this would be a good choice since I had several errands to do.
Mother seemed happy enough when we ordered.

But when I picked the food up - she was not so happy!
I got both of us Diet Cokes and a chocolate milkshake for her - she LOVES milkshakes!
Well, I brought the drinks first and she was concerned about the milkshake. I told her they were making it! Apparently she did NOT want a Diet Coke as well!!

At her request, I took her hamburger apart and put it back together again leaving off only TWO items!!
The lettuce and the onion.
After she ate a bite or two she looked up at me and asked, "What IS it???"
I said, "It's a HAMBURGER!!!!"
I am guessing she thought we were at Chick Fil A! She kept saying 'WHITE!!"
We managed to get through lunch and as we were leaving the young lady at the counter asked if we enjoyed our meal. I smiled but Mother said - loudly and very PLAIN - "It's awful!"
She then pointed at the large menu overhead and kept saying, "One, two, THREE!!"
The ONLY things on the menu were:
A double hamburger
A cheeseburger
A hamburger
French Fries
I had ordered her the hamburger which was #3!
She argued all the way out the door and I still do not understand what she said!!!

Next up - I needed to get the car washed and vacuumed.

Mother had a BLAST going through the car wash!!!
Did you catch what she said??
Somehow her 'cuss' words always come out perfectly!!

Car washes are extra fun for the very YOUNG and the OLD!!!
I enjoy them, too!!

Doesn't take much to entertain US!!!

I set Mother up in the lawn chair while I cleaned the inside of the car!

Can you see her waving at you??

The Dollar Store is always a hit so to make up for the 'Awful' lunch we went there on our way back to her house! She does love to shop! Once again she bought make I do NOT know HOW she uses so much!!!

And, of COURSE, she bought a pair of shoes!
Croc style camo shoes.
Mother and her shoes!! Whatever makes her happy!!

I had treats waiting for me when I went in at Nita's!!!
A bag of  treasures from Deanie and some seriously GOOD cookies from Nita!!
I left a paltry offering of 3 mincemeat bars and 2 pumpkin cranberry scones.....minus a bite or two off of one since Mother and I split a portion of  it with an afternoon cup of coffee!

Mother THOROUGHLY enjoyed seeing all the September pictures and videos from my laptop!

She adores Louis Dean!!! Who doesn't????

I am loving my new camera!! No photo editing needed!

Coffee, scones, visiting, photos, videos.....

Mother is now caught up with all that I have been doing so far this month!!

Louis Dean was left home alone today!
I never know what I will find when I get back......

What IS this???
Can you guess??
He pressure cooked a chicken for salad and oven fried another chicken.
THIS is the leftover oil, flour and I don't even WANT to know what all.....
he didn't want to dump 'gooey'  in the trash since we are leaving so he mixed it all together and baked it and will serve it up to the backyard birds!
Who would ever even THINK about doing that???
Louis Dean!!!

We spent the early part of this evening watering, pulling weeds and generally  cleaning up the yard a bit. 

Hopefully by the time we return from Colorado the weather will be cooler and we can get our flower beds in shape before winter. We missed that boat last year!

I celebrated Friday night with a Margarita and Louis Dean had a nice glass of red wine.

We enjoy our home!
I love turning on the porch lights in the evening!
It is a treasured ritual!

I also love Facebook and Louis Dean jokingly says, "What goes in Blondie's ears comes out on Facebook!" That is SO not SO!!! I know over FIVE things I have never posted!!! Haha!!!

Anyway, I love these Texas Jokes I found on FB this afternoon and we TOTALLY relate to every single one!!!!

Happy Friday Night, Y'all!!!!


Deb said...

Sounds like a fun Friday! Sorry the burgers sorry the burgers didn't work out!

Lori said...

Love that you got to spend a great day with your Mom. Mine live in Louisiana, we don't get to visit much. But, next time we are definately going through a car wash!

Miss Dishywoo said...

Your outings with your mother remind me of mine with my mother. It was always surprising what she loved, and what would bother her. I can so relate! And, she loved my husband like your mom loves Louis Dean. LD just may be on to something with the bird feed. I want to know how that goes over. I always toss out any leftover bread, rolls, crackers, etc. for our backyard birds. They love it - but I've not COOKED for them before (haha). I am printing a copy of your Texas jokes to send to my sister in Euless.

Sandra said...

I love the video of LD singing and watering the plants... also enjoyed the giggling going on in the car wash... so much fun... and she looks so sweet watching the laptop. my mother died before computers and laptops and cell phones and email.... she would have loved it to.


Oh dear....and I coulda sat down with you two and enjoyed a margarita?!! I'm bummed.

Your mom is a hoot in the car wash video.

Even tho the hamburger was a 'bust'....I'm sure she enjoyed the day with you. New cammie crocs...she's my kinda gal.

And the bird food idea....sensational.

Kelly said...

Your stories about your Friday's with your mom just crack me up! They remind me of when my MIL used to take care of her mom. Her mom lived to be 102! She lived with them for many years until she needed so much care that she had to go to a nursing home. She was the same way as your mom. I think the older they get, the more frustrated they get over things. At least that's how it seems. I know that must be a challenge dealing with her moods sometimes. She is old and wants things her way and has trouble communicating her wishes. I guess I can't blame her. Being dependent on other people can't be easy. You are such a good daughter for all that you do for her!

Susie said...

Bless you heart are a beautiful daughter, loving wife , fabulous mother and grandma extraordinaire. You are a true blessings to your family. I love how you handled your mom when she may have truly thought she wanted chicken. xoxo,Susie

Ginny said...

Your porch is beautiful!! I love how Louis Dean sings when he works. The bird food is brilliant! I love Crocs, too! I have a lot. They will fit badly swollen feet when nothing else will. We have been thinking of going to the car wash too! Maybe I will do some snapping while I am there.

Gypsy Heart said...

Love that you share these outings! Very similar to experiences with my mother before her health failed. I love seeing your porch and inside your hoe with those lights ~ looks so warm and welcoming!


Carla said...

Y'all are so funny. LD cracks me up.
Yep the cuss word did come out clearly. LOL
Love your front door decor