Saturday, June 19, 2010

Under the TEXAS Sun....

It is Saturday and I am still not all the way throat continues to hurt, however, my fever is gone! For whatever reason it feels good to sit in the sun and just read and relax. I am normally NOT a sun least not in the last 25 years or so. My 'tan lines' now come from being out in the yard pulling weeds or mowing or watering! The sun is feeling good on my skin today and the weatherman forecast 100 degrees for the afternoon high! Louis Dean bought a watermelon and I think that would make the perfect snack after it gets icy cold in the fridge!

In the mean time I think I will read another few chapters in the exciting new book by Francine Rivers. This story has a special interest for me as it explores the bonds between a mother and daughter. I am fortunate to have two precious daughters and I, like the Mama in 'Her Mother's Hope', wanted more for them than I was actually able to give. I called MY mother today and thanked her for the hope she gave me.....when that was all she COULD give.....but it was the most precious gift of all! There will be a book following this one titled 'Her Daughter's Dream' which will continue the saga of the bonds of love between four generations of mothers and daughters. We all have a story to tell......


  1. Sounds like you are feeling better, little by little. Enjoy your afternoon of resting, reading and watermelon :)

  2. 100 degrees is too hot for me. I would be inside in the air conditioning. My tan line are from the same place yours are. I sure hope I sleep good tonight. He always does. Thanks for stopping by.