Friday, June 18, 2010

MiMi Camp for Levi: 5th and Final Day...

Not all things go as planned! We had been having a great time even though Levi was a bit under the weather with his runny nose. What I should have anticipated was ME coming down with something! Looking back I wish I had started taking my Wellness Formula on Monday! It helps jump start your body's own immunity system. By the time our train had reached Fort Worth on Wednesday my throat had started to hurt. It was downhill from there with me waking up on Thursday morning PAST the 'I don't feel well' stage to the full blown 'I am SICK!' I cried Uncle and asked my son to pick Levi up on his way home from work. Ironically Levi was feeling better by this time! I can't say I did much to make 'Meaningful Memories' with him on Thursday! I was trying hard to stay upright and the minute they left I headed straight to bed! I DID make some chocolate chip cookies for him with extras to take home and share with his brother and sister.

And although I don't think Levi napped he DID rest and allowed ME to nap with the promise of cookies and milk when we got up! We only got ONE 'Levi-ism' on this visit. When I told him we would take a nice nap he responded, "SHORT one, MiMi! Because life is SHORT, right??"

Jesse got to sample a cookie, too, when he came for Levi!

Both the SON and the GRANDson are two of my blessings in life!


Tennis Girl said...

Awww, you are a sweet MiMi, making cookies when you didn't feel good :( Get better soon!

Texas Tales from Scotland said...

Levi is sweet as pie. Glad you had a good Mimi Camp and hope you are back on your feet soon! Please tell LD we are soooooooo grateful he is okay!