Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two Sick Kitties!

When we returned in the early hours of this morning from a flying trip to Alabama with 2 sick kitties in tow.....I discovered our router had gone out and NO internet! I use the net to I feel a bit 'left out' of the loop without this easy way of keeping in touch with so many in my family as well as with friends and neighbors! So until my NEW router arrives at some point tomorrow.....please say a little prayer for Amber's 2 sick kitties. July is 18 years old and weighs 8 pounds now.....she has a thyroid disease and we are waiting on bloodwork on her. Snowball is 13 years old and is a blue eyed white cat! She weighs 6 pounds now---up from 5.3 on June 1st. She has diabetes and I am about to pick her up at the vet in a few minutes and get updates on both of the cats bloodwork. Snowball and July mean as much to my daughter as our children mean to husband says the good thing about cats is they don't grow up to be PEOPLE! They remain 'children' to us for their entire lives!


  1. Hey! How are the kitties doing? Aggie and I have been sending healing thoughts their way.

  2. Thanks so VERY much!! they are alive and well and expected to live for years to come! The vets in Alabama did an awesome job bringing Snowball back from the brink of death! I took them to the vet here and he took the feeding tube out and said Snowball's diabetes could be controlled by diet. We are having a HAPPY Friday evening at our house with all of our 'critters'! DOes a HUSBAND count as a 'critter'? I think so.....and he is happy about Snowball and July! Thank you for asking!!! And THANK YOU for the 'healing thoughts'.....