Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sam's MiMi Camp! Day TWO.....

began bright and sunny! We made Banana Muffins from a really old recipe book I bought at a garage sale a long time ago for 25 cents! It is the best recipe! Sam has a special fondness for these muffins and requested them on Sunday evening in advance. Smart boy! We all had coffee out in the gazebo where we did the first few chapters of our book for camp this year....Little House on the Prairie. Excellent! We dug out an old erector set left over from Benjamin's childhood days. Ben is now nearly 22 years old. I don't know how old this set is but when Sam put the batteries in the little motor set 'thing'....they WORKED! Amazing!

Next on our agenda was a movie.......Toy Story 3! We did a few errands on the way to The Movie Tavern in Bedford and arrived in plenty of time! Ordered Root Beer for Sam and some snacky foods and enjoyed the film....which was really good. It was in 3D.....(not sure what the hype is all about with this 3D stuff myself!)
The day that started all bright and sunny turned dark and stormy as we did a few more errands on our way home. It RAINED and THUNDERED and LIGHTNING-ED...if that's a word! Sam said, "Do you get this kind of weather often here?" As if we lived FAR apart instead of  less than the 30 miles it is. He said, "We don't have weather like THIS at OUR house!" We kind of liked it! I love weather of any kind but I am quick to point out I have never been in the truly life threatening kind. Sam and I ventured out to the gazebo where I snapped this pic of him. The lightning crashing and the thunder rolling scared even the two of us so we came back in......just drenched! And it is only 2 steps from the French doors to the gazebo.

For supper we had rice and stir fry beef.....with Sam getting a 'vintage' small bottle of Coca Cola I had purchased just for MiMi Camp.

We ended our evening with reading several chapters of our book. We hope to finish it by end of MiMi Camp on Friday.......

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Movie Tavern said...

Glad you had a good time at Toy Story 3. Thanks for choosing the Movie Tavern Bedford. Hope to see you again soon!