Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MiMi Camp for Levi: Day 3!!

This morning we visited the Fritz Petting Farm where Levi got to see a cow, donkey, peacock, bunny rabbit, goats, deer, chickens, & a turkey! He got to pet SOME of them! His favorite was the bunny rabbit who was a soft cuddly white and reminded him of Snowball, Amber's cat, we are caring for.

OK....I have to tell you that Levi is a real trouper! He has had a summer cold since Sunday! Poor guy has had a runny nose and I KNOW he does not feel the best! But he just keeps on going and has the greatest attitude! This little guy is going to be someone who goes far in life because of his ATTITUDE! He has not complained once since he arrived on Sunday and 'goes with the flow'....which is uncommon for ANY child much less a 3 year old!

We met Granddad at The Olive Garden for lunch....Granddad has had computer problems and was at Best Buy which is in the same parking lot! No matter! I LOVE the Olive Garden so Levi and I had Soup, Salad and Bread sticks! Good and healthy!

This is Louis Dean asking me what to order....
 and THIS is Louis Dean when I told him. "Whatever you want!"

Levi and I went on to Northwest Park where we fed the ducks.....then headed home for a lovely nap in a dark air conditioned room! We BOTH slept soundly!

Finished off our day with the not the best idea craft project! Hand prints on a ribbed can do NOT come out as desired! As my art class arrived...Ruth Ann and Sabrina.....Levi entertained us with 'The Ants Came Marching One by One'.....and he was so adorable! Not just his MiMi thought this.....so did Ruth Ann and Sabrina!! He played outside with Granddad while we did art. When he came in I asked him, "Where is Granddad?" Levi answered, "He is still outside playing!" We are having a blast with this little grandson!


  1. he is just so darn sweet! sad i missed you guys on skype yesterday, will try again tonight!

  2. You are a good MiMi. What does Levi call Louis Dean? My Grandparent's were called Granny Hollis and Grandpa John on one side and the other side was Mamaw and Grandad. :)

  3. Louis Dean is Granddad.....he answers to no other name!I am MiMi to my son's children but Amber says we will be Grandma and Granddad to her FUTURE ones! EVERYONE calls my mother 'Granny' EXCEPT Amber and Benjamin....to those two she has always been GRANDMA! Funny how names stick, isn't it?

  4. The nap in a dark air condition room sounds sooo good!

  5. What an awesome day! I'm sorry Levi doesn't feel good, he and I both have a summer cold/sinus issues and I haven't felt well either. He is a go-getter no matter what! Sounds like a fun day!

  6. i didn't know that you posted that all those years ago but i guess that i never bothered to ask either, love ya love faith