Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Garage Sales.....

You gotta LOVE them!! As we were taking my mother to the beauty shop we passed what looked like a promising one....meaning it had a lot of what my husband lovingly refers to as 'debris!' We dropped Mother off, made our Sam's run and came back by the garage had closed up due to some rather unexpected rain in the area.....a very SMALL area at that! Oh, well! I unloaded Louis Dean at my sister's (where Mother lives) and went back to the shop to pick her up. On our way home I noticed the garage sale was back in business! Happy Day! I do so love the thrill of walking up and browsing....never knowing what, if ANYTHING, you will find! Glory! Glory! This lady had some awesome 'fall colored' Christmas ornaments....only to me these are fall colored FALL ORNAMENTS! I keep a tree up year round and Autumn is my favorite season. (I nearly named my daughter, Amber, 'Autumn'....still think it is a pretty name!) Each ornament was just twenty-five cents and the little scarecrow was all of $3! I begin decorating at the very end of August so everything is in place on September 1st on which day I play Neil Diamond's 'September Morn' non stop ALL DAY! I also make a favorite fall/winter cookie recipe.....Fruitcake Cookies. Here in Texas on September 1st it is just as apt to be 100 degrees in the shade as not but to me.....the season has begun! I leave all my decorations up until the day after Thanksgiving. Most people go shopping then......but I UN decorate! I don't need to tell anyone what I do next, now do I?

A closer up look at my treasures.....all shades of gold and amber.......over 3 dozen items!
Perhaps I need to get me a BIGGER tree this year.........

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  1. Great finds, Linda! And yes, I am on the same seasonal decorating schedule as you!