Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MiMi Camp for Levi: Day 4!!

We started out this our 4th day of MiMi Camp 2010 with a train ride. Now Levi TRULY loves ALL things train! Seriously! He was so excited and we had been looking forward to it as well. Riding the rails is one of Louis Dean's all time favorite
 things to do. He is wanting us to take a train trip to San Antonio in the future. Who knows....maybe MiMi Camp in the years to come will involve some real travel adventures!
But for now Levi was pretty impressed with a very simple train ride!

Levi and Granddad at the T & P Station....

Rode all the way to the end of the Fort Worth. Had snacks in the terminal and then rode east to Union Station in Dallas. Had lunch during the 'layover' there!

Levi played 'train' ......he was a FREIGHT train!

After we returned to the South Irving Station we celebrated with milkshakes at The Big State Drugstore on Main Street in downtown Irving. One of the few soda fountains still around!

Levi liked drinking his from TWO straws!

We all three napped for nearly THREE hours this afternoon! We were tired. Levi's nose is still running but the meds help. You can tell when they wear off because it starts right up again! My throat began to hurt so I came home and took Wellness Formula and some pain reliever.....we are having too much fun to get really sick!

After our naps I had some housework to do so Levi tracked down the kitty cats. July was in a chair under the dining room Levi joined her! When I asked if he had petted her he said, "No...because she hissed and I couldn't say it!" Only he didn't SAY 'hissed'....he SOUNDED it! Good boy! He is both strong AND gentle! A good combination!

We ended our day by having supper in the gazebo and we all watered yard/plants/flowers before coming in for a movie night! Our featured presentation was 'Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.' I don't remember ever seeing it before and Louis Dean sure had not so we ALL enjoyed it! I love Michael J. Fox and Sally Field's voices for the characters. Now our bed is ready and it is time to go there. We all stayed up a little later since we had taken such good naps! Sorry we missed your Skype call, Amber! Hopefully you can visit with Levi sometime tomorrow! But for now.....we are calling it a DAY! And it was a GOOD one!


Pondside said...

It's easy to see that all three of you had a wonderful time! There's nothing like boys (of all ages!) and trains....what a good idea for a day at Mimi Camp (and I love that name!)

Tennis Girl said...

Day 4 sounded like great fun!
Love the under the table pic with Levi and July.

Tennis Girl said...

Please stop by to pick up your Sunshine Award!

Nita said...

When the girls come in town we want to take the train to Union Station where we should get off to walk around see some sights & have lunch. I really don't know what area to stop at. Please let me know your thoughts.

Linda Chapman said...

Nita, start at the T & P station and ride to Union...that's the end of the TRE as of now. Then cross the tracks and board eother a red or blue line lighht rail bes and get off at West End....tons of restaurants and shops. Walk back to Union Station and you can see the Old Red Court House Museum...the Bryan cabin....the grassy knoll where Kennedy was shot....even JFK Museum. Lots to see and do. Go to TRE schedules on google and print one out to better gauge your departures and returns. You will all have fun!

Connie said...

Levi is a real cutie !! I bet you had so much fun. I bet it's hard to watch him go home, though ??