Monday, June 28, 2010

Sam's MiMi Camp! Day ONE......

finally arrived! Jesse brought all three grandkids over for a visit Sunday afternoon/evening. He also brought Arby's for everyone so after our supper we proceeded to PLAY! We did all sorts of things......Sam played with the water hose watering Lucy....

....and then Sam and Levi watered each other as well! Kids and water equal FUN! Granddad and I sat on the front porch and enjoyed watching them. ONE DO NOT water MIMI!

Faith and I played Memory.....the game used to be called Concentration when their dad was growing up! She beat me fair and square......but only by ONE match!

Each grandchild got a lollipop......the size of the lollipop reflecting their age order. Sam's was the largest and he STILL has a good part of it left. Levi pretty much ate ALL of his while Faith took at least half of hers home with her.
Sam and Faith had a Checker match with Sam winning this round!

We all gathered in the gazebo while they had a re match! Faith is quite the strategist and had some experience from her session on Checkers with Grandad (the grand master of the game!) while here at HER MiMi Camp. Sam was a quick learner, though, and a worthy opponent!

We played bean bag toss, Bubbles, Thomas the Train blocks, roasted marshmallows, made s'mores and topped it all off with ice cream cones dipped in sprinkles! The cones were so cute because they were just TWO INCHES tall! Granddad bought them when Faith was in camp because it said "child size." You can sure eat more than ONE of these!
Faith, Levi and their dad left around 9. Sam, Granddad and I continued to sit in the gazebo reading the first chapters of 'The Little House on the Prairie.' Last year we read 'The Little House in the Big Woods' finishing it in the last hours before camp was over!
It was a lovely afternoon and just as  wonderful to be feeling better after a real bout of dealing with a summer cold I had suffered for over a week! We put Sam to bed then Louis Dean and I enjoyed a few moments together as we recounted the good time we had today and then made a few plans for the camp days ahead.....

This was the moon as we watched it rise in the early summer night sky......
Good Night, Moon.......


  1. Oh the fun of summer water fights. You should introduce Sam to water balloons!

  2. Another fun day at Mimi camp. Can't wait to see what we are doing tomorrow!

  3. Sounds great! So happy you are enjoying this time with them. I don't know how you aren't just falling asleep at the end of the day - just reading all those activities made me tired!