Monday, June 14, 2010

MiMi Camp for Levi: Day 2!!

This is the room all ready for Levi.....of course two cats are currently occupying it as well! Note the more boyish blue and white duvet cover.....
However THIS is Levi's choice of sleeping arrangements! On his Levi denim quilt I made him and covered with his Thomas the Train beach towel. The big Thomas the Train pillow matches his Christmas PJ's I made him year before last. They STILL fit!

Breakfast was 'a good cuppa of joe' according to Levi...actually a mini coffee cup of chocolate milk! He slept til 9 this morning....and so did I! Good boy!

He spent the rest of the morning playing in the sand and with his trucks and cars! he entertains himself very well and we certainly enjoyed watching him play!

This afternoon we made a trip to the library.....a favorite place for all four of my kids! The grand kids seem to love it as well. We scored with a nice selection of books....some on trains which is a favorite with Levi! He watched a couple of the Baby Einstein videos while I fixed dinner....salmon croquettes, corn on the cob, garden salad and asparagus.....and milk for Levi!

He watered the yard for me....and himself before we relocated to the back yard for s'mores....

However, since he also watered the fireplace I had flamed OK but smoked too much to do more than roast one marshmallow apiece! Levi said, "I'm sorry I watered it! I won't do it tomorrow!" So TOMORROW we will try it again! We are now off to bed to read our books and sleep!


  1. Sounds like you're having a good time. He is too cute!

  2. Loving the pictures from MiMi camp!

  3. How nice he slept until 9:00am...good boy indeed!

  4. Love the quilt and pillow cover... what a neat mimi you make... always a good time at your house... where did you learn to be so much fun? wish some of it had rubbed off on me.