Tuesday, October 18, 2016

'Quad' a Monday and Tuesday Treasures!

Hard to believe that this is our last year to have a Quad Day every week.
We are banking all these Quad Mondays in our Memory Banks to pull out and relive in years to come.

I hope they will always be excited to come see us!

The city was doing some road work practically in front of our house!

What great entertainment for four year olds!

The pecan trees are starting to drop ripe pecans and the kids dearly love to gather them up and take them to the kitchen patio to crack and eat them. I do believe we will be having a bumper crop this year! Louis Dean frets over me letting the kids use the crackers - I have two - and then he frets over stepping on the sharp pecan shells they leave behind. I went out later in the evening and used the blower to clear out the debris. They love their pecans!

They can get their own toys out of the patio storage bin. Play Dough and the Cash Register were popular toys this week. They can also put things away and they do!

We ate outside on the upper kitchen deck per popular request!

This is a Win! WIN! for me as it makes for easy serve and easy clean up.

Books and naps follow lunch. 
Two hour naps all around - grown ups included!

After an afternoon of play, Granddad put on a Paw Patrol for the kids and went off to pick up pizzas for dinner.
Once again, we ate outside. Kailey is a real helper! She made sure everyone had napkins and was quick to refill cups or bring extra helpings to whoever asked.

Kailey got her hearing aid on Friday.
She has had hearing issues since birth. Even as early as the NICU days, she was unable to pass the hearing tests. Amber has kept a close watch on this and meant to have this issue addressed earlier this summer......but then Kailey needed that open heart surgery.
Kailey also had some issues with her vision but, thankfully, that problem resolved itself.
Hip displasia was another problem that surfaced early on and healed on its own.
We used to say, 'Poor little Kailey. She just got beat up in the womb!'
She is an amazing little girl! Attitude is very important to her and she often compliments her granddad or me with 'I LIKE your ATTITUDE!!'
This is usually said after she suggests something - like eating outside on the deck - and we agree!

You would think the day would seem long when you have several children for hours and hours.
Not so. We have a simple routine and the children know what to expect and I think they find comfort and security in that. We run out of time long before we run out of things to do.

And they are gone!!!!
They always leave us with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts!
Even so, I admit to being bone tired and marched back in the house, took a shower and went straight to bed!!! It was not even 10:00!

Ruth Ann and I touched base Tuesday morning and decided to meet up around 2:00 to 'make our rounds.'

That gave us the morning to do our normal 'rat killing' as we call it.
While Louis Dean doesn't care if my thousand points of light burn or not - he knows I do!
If it's important to me - it's important to him.
And I appreciate that!

Today we strung up 200 mini lights - 100 on this wreath in the den and 50 in two different places in the kitchen - up along the tops of the cabinets.

LD went off to do some errands while I opened the art tub I had packed for my time in Quadville and found the oak leaves and acorns the quads had gathered for me from their playground.

You gotta love a can of gold spray paint!!
The possibilities are endless!!

Time to get ready and pick Ruth Ann up!!

Our first stop was Aldi's and just look what I found!!!
SO many things 'pumpkin!' And cinnamon......and our favorite Toffee Buttermint wine!
Of course, I had to pick up a couple of bottles of my Sunshine Bay Sav Blanc!
NOW!!! If we could just get past these 90 degree high humidity days with mosquitoes swarming all around!!!


Next stop was our very favorite Goodwill on Beltline Road!
I hit the JACK POT!!!!

$5 for this LARGE painting!!!
I KNOW!!! I know!!! 
You are wondering where in the world I could possibly find a place to hang it!!

A mirrored window box!
WHAT a treasure!!!! For less than $5!!!
Yes, it IS large!!!!
I think I have an idea though!

An advent stocking for Rayne!

An extra dress up dress for the girls......less than $2!

I am a sucker for both pumpkins and giving thanks plaques......$1.50!

Another interesting Advent activity - again for Rayne!
Less than $1!

 A set of four brand new (still had stickers on the bottoms!) Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Stemless Water Goblets!!! Less than $2 for all four!

Another great advent calendar - this one for the quads!
Each box has room enough for four small trinkets or candies!
I will spruce up the paint, fill the boxes and present it to them before December first - which is fast approaching!

Okay!  I don't want to brag but THIS is my Best Find!!!
And, actually, Ruth Ann found them!

TWO brand new - with all the extras - American Girl dolls!!!!
$14 for BOTH!!!

After our shopping, Ruth Ann and I stopped at Lovely Nails - our favorite place for a pedicure!
It was a perfect Tuesday!!

In art class tonight - and it was  WONDERFUL to be back to a normal art class Tuesday! - we had homemade potato soup and an assortment of cheese and crackers.

While Sabrina wasn't here, we still celebrated her with a bottle of Sabrina wine from Puerto Rico.
It was fruity, tropical and delicious!!!
You were missed, Sabrina!

Art class!
A lovely way to end a Tuesday!!!


Penny said...

Lmda I know I've said this before, but how you pack so much in to one day just amazes me! This has certainly been an eventful few months for Kailey I do hope she gets used to her hearing aid and that it helps her. Good idea to get it before school starts. Your treasures are exciting, I lok forward to seeing what you do with the mirrored window box x

Vee said...

Oh wow! Is it too much to hope that you find two more American Girl dolls? Amazing. I like Kailey's hearing aids, but don't like the reason for them. Amazing how she has had so many troubles and come through them all. An amazing God gave her and amazing mom and then took care of the rest. Your descriptions of them and your days together are wonderful. So glad that you are documenting. I know that you will come up with some replacement time for these special times spent together. I do believe that you have given them a wonderful experience and taught them so many things. I know that they consider your home a magical place...Narnia magical.

Vee said...

an amazing mom...something is correecting me, which annoys the daylights out of me...😏

Arlene Grimm said...

Oh Linda...those American Girl Dolls for $14. That was a SCORE!! Margaret wants Mary Ellen for her birthday and these days they run $115. Amelia had that Samantha Doll when she was a girl.

Kathy said...

I want to go shopping with YOU! How do you find such amazing things? I can't believe the American Girl dolls for only $14. I hope you can find one more so that each of them can have their own. Maybe two more so Rayne can have one too.

Love seeing all that you do on Quad Monday. The video of them all yelling "bye" was just too cute. I like how LD says it's "traditional" in the background. That gave me a chuckle.

Estelle's said...

I agree...what a treasure to find the American Girl dolls. But you know, it also makes me so sad to think that perhaps the person who donated them to Goodwill, did not find a little girl who wanted them....sad, sad. I have such a beautiful collection of dolls that I treasure! Have a lovely week Miss Linda and enjoy the cool fall weather that is coming in for the weekend!

Susie said...

Linda, The quads will always love to be with you and LD. I loved the photos of them, just being kids. Kailey is a special child, a gentle spirit. I love the picture from goodwill. You found some great things there. LD is one wonderful man. It made me smile that he likes to keep you in lights, he knows you are a star. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

I can't get bob to change the lightbulbs in the kitchen ceiling.. wish I could rent LD... I agree it is important for kids to know what is expected and you are doing a super job and so is Amber. I am thinking with 4 the same age there had to be order from day one or the family would be crazy. someday soon LD might have to add more WALLS to your house. LOL... I just love the bright and cute clothes your quads wear.

Changes in the wind said...

The best part of all that you do is your excitement to do it:)

Linda said...

Oh my dear Hailey, spread the problems around I say. The hearing aid looks wonderful. Hardly visible at all. Isn't it wonderful they can 'fix' things in children at such young ages? Always love all your lights. Some day I may use some in my house but not as many as you. Those American Girl dolls are an amazing find. You could always have LD nail your finds to the ceiling. Did I hear another trip to the country? Good for you.

Bev said...

Love that window box...and what a steal!!!... Great days you had!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love the plates and place mats you have them eating one! Poor Kailey; but little ones adapt so fast! what awesome finds! I love each and every one! American Girl dolls can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Bluebird49 said...

Dear Linda! What a wonderful and busy husband you found--and a thoughtful one. You sound so happy, and I know there are days that must be not quite as "good" as others. But hey--we all do!
I come by every night to see if you have posted about going on Tuesdays treasure shopping with your friends,you art classes, and the quads of course! I used to "treasure hunting", but I couldn't learn to take some out when things piled up! But, I'm tempted to go "searching" anyway!
You have many wonderful things going on---and your 8 grandchildren to have MiMi camp for the grands.I think you are an extraordinary woman who will probably still be going strong in your 90s. I don't comment at many blogs I visit, but I just wanted you to know what I am still here--waiting and wishing for another post. You're an amazing artist, wife, mother and grandmother with a wonderful lust for life! I have aspirations for that, but I don't know if-- with all my health problems-- I can ever hope to get going like that. We're only a year apart in age, but you go on with purpose --and you look so young! You always put GOD first----and believe that's the key to a good life. You can never go wrong there!

Bluebird49 said...

I forgot to comment on all the treasures you found. It Certainly a special days for "Good Will Hunting" and painting!

Deanna Rabe said...

This is a full post! Bless Kailey! What a doll. So glad her hearing is being helped now and she will really thrive!

Your American Girl doll find is unbelievable! Wow!

Small Kucing said...

Hope Kailey's health will get better and stronger as she grows .

I love the little red dress. It's so beautiful