Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gently Flowed This October Day.......

From the moment I opened my eyes this morning, I knew this would be a day full of blessings.
I meant to get out and do some errands but I soon decided to celebrate Thursday by staying home.
As soon as I woke up, I opened the bedroom door to the patio to listen to the birds singing and the last few drops of rain fall.
Much fell through the night but we slept through it.
I left Louis Dean sleeping while I turned the coffee on and went through the house waking it up and turning on the lights. I often think of the scripture -"He maketh the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice" - when I go through both the routine of turning the lights on in the mornings and off at night.

I was already in the gazebo with my first cup of coffee and writing in my journal when Louis Dean woke up. I read. I prayed. I sat. I did Tai Chi on the upper kitchen deck under the branches of the northern pecan tree laden heavy with nuts. They peppered down all around but none hit me directly.
I stepped right inside the open French doors to my desk in the sewing room and worked on the edits for chapter one of the book I am writing about our childhood. I've never written a book before so I have no earthly idea if I am doing it right or not. So far I have written a Prologue and four chapters with a grand total of 11,076 words. I have edited more than once and I think it's time to quit stalling and move on to chapter five....which will be more difficult to write than the previous chapters.

The air felt so clean and cool, I couldn't bear to be inside so I kept the doors open all day long and brought my work outside. I wrote several note cards and got them ready to mail tomorrow. October is staff appreciation month at our church and I am truly grateful to have such wonderful pastors and leaders. 
I paid bills and caught up with various nagging bits of paperwork.
And I read some more in my book 'September.' I am in the last section of it and it has truly been a pleasure to read it once again. I had forgotten much of the story line - remembering only the beginning and a chapter or two towards to the end.

After I accomplished a task today, I would fix a snack or something good to drink and go back to my book. As soon as I finish this journal entry tonight, I shall tuck myself into bed and prop up on a few pillows to read some more. I do so love a good book - especially one that paints pictures with the words and makes you feel like you are watching a movie in your mind. 'September' is set in Scotland and has the same feel for me as Downton Abbey.

We only had coffee and a Stella D'Oro biscuit this morning so by late afternoon it was time to eat something more substantial. Fried ham slices, potato/cheese soup topped with fresh herbs and grated cheese, a garlic toasted bun and cooked apples. The apples were cooked in my vintage Miracle Maid skillet - which I have had since the 70's! It is waterless cooking and I sliced up the apples, added brown sugar, nutmeg and some butter - and cooked them on the stove. Delicious!

Louis Dean had been working on his projects outside so he was hungry!!
He had a second helping of soup and a second serving of ham along with two glasses of wine.
It was nearly 7:00 by now and we went to the den to watch a program.....

and he fell fast asleep!
I watched Elementary all by myself but that's okay. LD has a hard time following that show so he only watches it to keep me company.
He woke up in time to catch up on some news and I went off to the dining room to paint.
After wards, I packed up my art things to take with me to the ranch when we go this weekend.

Louis Dean has gone to bed now and I'm about to head that way, too.
The weather has been so good today - while we did not need a sweater - we didn't sweat and complain about the humidity either! I have my Citronella candle burning right beside me as the mosquitoes continue to be a nuisance. But I am not complaining! It has been a lovely day full of all the joys and the simple pleasures of home that I love so much.

I truly have so much to be thankful for tonight.......
and I am pretty sure you do, too.

Sleep well......


  1. Isn't it wonderful being able to stay home on a nice day and do what you want. Your pumpkin and mug are so nice! I don't think it matters HOW to write a book. Just write what YOU want and make it your own. OH, your lunch sounds delicious, no wonder Louis Dean had two helpings.

  2. I also have waterless cookware from the 70s. Mine is Saladmaster and they're still in business. I used to cook fresh apple slices in my cast iron skillet with butter and sugar. Glad you've gotten a little relief from the heat. Hope the cooler days are there to stay. That's great you're going to get in another trip to the country. Say hi to the goats for me. I love goats.

  3. Linda, I loved this entry. I have had a lot of health problems since June, and the pain of a flesh eating bacterial infection, followed by a nasty fall and breaking my shoulder in three places, and facing knee replacement surgery after healing, has left me feeling a little down. Then I read your entry, and I especially loved -"He maketh the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice". I'll think about that as I wake up in the morning and see the morning light, and then as the evening darkness comes and I can turn on some lights, I'll think of you and how you have encouraged me with your uplifting thoughts and your VERY positive attitude. God bless you abundantly, my friend, and keep sharing.

    1. Joyce, please send me your email address or some way to contact you.....Thank you for the beautiful comment! I would love to have a conversation with you....

  4. Linda, your Thursday sounds lovely and you got things done, too! I've been thinking about potato soup all month now. Do you have a special recipe?
    It was quite something about your apples..I just fixed some last night for dinner, and I used brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter! Aren't they yummy? I only used 2 large Stayman's! My husband and I finished them up on a scoop of ice cream last night for our 'bedtime snack'. I warmed them back up and the syrup was really good over ice cream. That'll be added to our weekly menu for awhile! My brother brought me a bag of apples back from Bedford County, VA--he and my s-i-l have been taking that trip for many years, and they have blessed us many times with apples, garden bounty, and much love! I enjoy hearing you often see family members,too. We've lived across the street from each other more than 50 years now!
    I hope your trip trip to the country will be as refreshing as always for both of you!
    Trudy in VA
    P.S. I truly pray Joyce will be feeling better soon.She has certainly had a rough time. :(

  5. What a lovely day you had Linda, sounds like your book is coming along well. I love a day at home too, when I don't have to go out, though they are 'as rare as hen's teeth' as we say. X

  6. Linda, I like seeing the twinkle lights lit at your house. Glad you had some quiet time. Bless LD's heart, he is such a hard working man. I do like to have potato soup when it chilly. Glad you are getting some more ranch time. Blessings to all, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

  7. So glad you had a day off. Even your days off are busy busy busy but I know how much you love all the things you do. Bob spent a lot of time doing what LG is doing sleeping in front of the TV. I love the way you think when you are turning on all your lights

  8. So warm and cozy looking! I received a bunch of apples from a friend of my Mom's as her tree was overloaded this year. I think I am going to make some apple crisp this weekend!

  9. Love your title and the lovely description of that day that followed. An ahhhhh moment. And, yes, we have so many things for which to be grateful. Saying a little prayer for your book. It is challenging to push on through the rough patches.

  10. Lovely post. What a clam, peaceful feel it has.

  11. I love being at home and enjoyed reading about your day at home. You add details that remind me of simple things I do throughout the day and forget about. I still have my cookware, too. Mine is the Kitchencraft West Bend waterless stainless steel. I bought mine in 1969. Have you ever priced what it cost to replace those things these days? Outrageous. Enjoy your weekend. I have been looking for a good book to read.

  12. Dear darling Linda...I feel like I've spent the day with you...I wish we'd had the rain you speak of but we've had a good share of it this fall and for that I am thankful. This has been one of those days that I really didn't want to do much of anything...I have days when I feel good about wanting to prop myself up on pillows on my comfy bed and watch a TCMovie..drink a good cup of coffee and take a short nap...I love those days...xoxo

  13. Linda, I love these kinds of days! Slow but full of meaningful things. I'll pray for you with the upcoming chapter of your book. Real life is hard sometimes but sharing truth helps others see their they're not alone and to see what God can do in redeeming lives.

    Glad you had beautiful weather too!

  14. Linda, It sounds like you had a wonderful, life-affirming day. A day full of beauty and things that mean something to you--taken at a slow enough pace to enjoy every moment of it. I think I need a day like that soon.

    Love how much you love (and take care of) your Louis Dean! You two make a wonderful, special couple. xo Diana

  15. Sounds like a really lovely day for sure! Such a nice post. I love getting lost in a good book too

  16. i never read the comments left by others, well maybe i should rephrase that with rarely. i read the comment joyce left and it broke my heart. i would love to send her a card if you get her snail mail address. you do lift our spirits linda with your uplifting and positive words!! your pretty decorations, your twinkling lights and images of what you had for dinner. it is your spirit and joy that i love, ld and your family, lucky peeps!!!!

  17. The soup looks and sounds delish! I love being at home all day...something I'm so very thankful for! After 30+ years of work and incredible stress, retirement is a joy and I don't take it for granted. Thank you for sharing your day and your world with all of us!

    Oh yes, in case you didn't see my post about Edie and her book, I think you would find it incredibly interesting. Her blog is "Life in Grace"
    After reading her blog, one would never think she had such a difficult childhood. (Many of us did!) She has such a strong faith, loves her family and has a gorgeous home full of color!

    If you hear from Joyce, would you mind asking for her mailing address? If it's ok with her, I think it would be awesome for a bunch of us to send her happy, positive cards/notes!


  18. I'm so impressed that you have 4 chapters written. You write a blog so I have full faith that you can write a book about your childhood.