Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Simple Sunday and I Did NOT Forget How to DRIVE!!!

Our plans for the day changed when the silence of NO POWER woke me from sleep.
It happened at a decent enough time - around 9:00 this morning.
We had meant to go to a park party with Debbie - LadyBug From Texas - and a group of her friends and family but no electricity made our day take a different turn. Louis Dean had made his coffee but was waiting to turn mine on when I got up.

We took our reading out to the gazebo and before we were finished, the power was back on and I had COFFEE!!

My toe is healing up nicely and I can actually walk nearly normally now.
A few more days of antibiotics to go and then I go back for a recheck with the doctor.
I'll be interested to know what the blood work showed about the infection.

I am so happy to report that I have NOT forgotten how to drive!!!
It has been over six weeks since I was behind the steering wheel!!!

I drove all the way down the street and turned the corner and parked in front of the Dollar Store!!!
I love that place! I got everything on my list right THERE!!! Coffee creamer, bug lights, hair color, Glade Plug Ins, weed killer, zip lock bags, trash bags, hair clips, kitchen scrubbers, dishwasher detergent, Pine Sol, name it - they HAD it!!! All in one place and I parked just outside the door!!!

I admit to having more than one idiosyncrasies!
The biggest one is probably my compulsion to UN PACKAGE everything.
This shelf is right up from my kitchen sink. I poured up all the Pine Sol and Fabuloso in glass bottles.
I don't know WHY I do this but I DO!!!
Teas come out of their boxes and go into canisters and then, of course, when someone asks me what kind of tea I made, sometimes I have no clue!! Crazy! I KNOW!!! I can understand why I put sugar and flour into canisters but it seems like I want to strip off all the extra packaging and get to the STUFF!!
I learned long ago it is just easier to do what I do!!

Sometimes the Dollar Store has a few good books and I picked up another one today. I have enough to read right now if I never buy another book in my entire life!!

Louis Dean and I worked on our individual projects today.
I cleaned up the decks by the kitchen side of the house and trimmed back the honeysuckle that threatens to take over everything!!

We both took frequent tea breaks in the gazebo to cool off!
Summer is on vacation in Puerto Rico where Sabrina and Rayne are spending the summer.
I have so enjoyed this phone app called Marco Polo where you can send each other video chats!
It has been so much fun to see and hear what THEY are seeing!! It is a beautiful place and I am loving the chance to see it  through Summer's eyes!!

Our place is not fancy but I like the cozy feel of it.

Can you see the fake lizard?

Everyone's so used to it that it no longer gives people a start!

After I gave Louis Dean a good haircut, I colored my hair tonight.
I sat outside with the conditioner on and nearly finished the last book I bought at the Dollar Store....
The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds. It is set in Scotland and I guess I simply love to arm chair travel through books, blogs, photos and video chats!!

Louis Dean is in his music room waiting for me to come practice a duet with him.
You KNOW I can't sing and HE knows I can't sing but hope springs eternal with him!!!

This is the song Louis Dean was singing to me tonight.....'Tomorrow is Just Another Day to Cry.'

Not everyone leaves because they want to........


Linda said...

I can see your surgery toe looks much straighter but it still looks mighty traumatized to me. I know you'll be happy when the other one is done as well. Let's hope that one has fewer complications. I didn't know there were two in the world but have to say Bob is just like you about unpacking everything. Can't tell you how many times I go to look at a pkg only to find he's thrown it away and put the contents in another container. Grrrr I see a lot of wonderful things in your decorations but that lizard is not one. Hope this week goes well for both of you.

White Lace and Promises said...

I love your place. We all have our little quicks about how we do thinks. Since we moved I've not got back in the groove. It still feels like I'm living in someone else's home.

Sandra said...

your toe does look better but is still really red, so don't do to much. i love dollar tree, dollar general, family dollar. i am less than half a mile from one each of those. i find it VERY odd that you take all the liquids out of the bottles. i have never heard of that one... so how do you know what is what, i would be using the wrong thing on the wrong thing. i admit it looks better... and i love that you said it is what i do so i do it... as you should.

Vee said...

Glad that your toe is feeling day soon it will be better than good. I imagine that you are a little nervous about the second toe. I am sure that the doc will be proactive next time with your toe history.

I used to switch products out of packaging. It looks better that way even if it can be confusing.

Arlene Grimm said...

I know you enjoyed getting out on your own for a while! And congrats on remembering how to drive.:)

Susie said...

Linda, You just proved that you can't keep a good woman down. :):) Your foot sure does look better. Hope Amber's is doing well also. The lights around the pond look so good. I like that you use those twinkle lights. Wishing all of you wonderful 4th of July and lots of fun. Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

LV said...

Nice to hear your foot is improving, but it still looks bad to me. I have some of the same issues you do. Bad bunions that turns into my small toes. Have a hard time getting shoes to fit without hurting. At my age, just live with it.

Bev said...

Your feet look great!!!... I was set to have mine done...then we moved and I have to start all over again getting a doctor... a specialist etc etc... I think I'll live with mine:)

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your gazebo is so beautiful! What a trip to the Dollar Store! It almost rivals your Goodwill trips! I am so glad you are so much better! Your toe still looks very red, but I guess it will take awhile. And what matters is that you are feeling so good, and driving and shopping! Love Louis Deans bedtime lullaby; there is just nothing he cannot do, and he serenades you too!

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Hi Linda - love your pretty gazebo, so charming! I love the idea of putting things in pretty containers. I do that with my laundry detergent and icicles and it just warns my heart. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Jane

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

The dollar has lots of goodies. I love just walking in to see what's new. Glad your toe is better. The gazebo looks like a nice place to relax. Have a good week and stay cool.

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so glad you're feeling like driving! :) Yep, the $1 stores are full of good deals and interesting too. Do you have fans in the gazebo? You must do heat a LOT better than I do!


Penny said...

You are a skilled shopper and an even more skilled home maker Linda. Your poor wee toe still looks quite angry. I am glad you are seeing your consultant soon X

Carla said...

That toe looks a little angry in the picture but I hope it getting better. I have missed a lot. Darn bloglovin. So you empty everything into into new jars. How do you know what you are using? LOL You must read fast.

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