Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Finding Comfort Where We Can......

Tuesday morning I found comfort in the scripture readings for the day.....
as I do every day!

God has a way of working things out! I KNOW that but it still feels good to read it!!

It's been beautiful here in North Texas this week!!
Louis Dean cooked us up a big breakfast and we ate it outside on the deck.
We spent all morning and until early afternoon out there. He was working on taking down the gazebo and I was working on the flower beds along side the deck.
After 1:30 or 2:00 it is TOO sunny to be out there so Mother went in to watch TV and I went off to do some errands.

I have found our new gazebo!!!
It seems to be made of more durable fabric than our other ones and comes with screening and rain curtains. Win! WIN!!!

You can even mount a fan in the center!!

It may be a shade bigger than our previous one but Louis Dean can make it work!!

SINCE I was out and SINCE it WAS Tuesday, I dropped by Goodwill!!!

I picked up this cute pillow for a chair that sits beside the kitchen pond.

Another cushion for one of the metal chairs.

Two Thirsty Stones!!

Four sweet dresses and an Old Navy blouse plus a top for Harrison!
I had to look long and hard to find something for the boy but I couldn't leave until I had!

I even bought two tee shirts for me!

We had our normal evening glass of wine out in the gazebo - but it just wasn't the same!!!

This morning we were blessed with four little rays of sunshine!!!
Mother just loved getting to spend the day with them!!

We took the quads on a tour of the 'damage.'

The kids see the broken gazebo!

We promised them we will get a NEW one pretty soon!!

Kailey brought her mother her car keys and suggested she leave!!
Logan had already told her mama, "When you are finished talking to MeeMaw, you can go home!"
They aren't being mean or tacky! They just love being here by themselves!!!And I am ever so grateful that they DO!!!

Kailey was especially fond of Grandma!
Harrison announced that HE was NOT going to call her GiGi!!
He said, "She is GRANDMA!"
And so she is and that is what all four call her!

Lots of hugging going on today!

Louis Dean grilled hot dogs outside for our lunch!
We ate out on the deck before going in the den for reading and naps!

As soon as everyone was awake, we freshened up and walked around the block to visit our neighbors!

Tamara had invited us over to do a little gardening project!

She was amazing!!
There were four hanging pots of garden soil just ready for planting a 'baby' from a huge Spider plant!!
She let each one chose their own!

The kids loved it!!

Louis Dean and I loved their back yard and gardens!!
Our houses have the very same floor plan so it was interesting to see how unique we have both made our homes!!! They are far from the original houses built back in 1958!

They have added so many clever features!
We sat with our wine and snacks at a little tray shelf - that can be moved from one side to the other - and I LOVE the wine holders!!!
Tamara had a whole spread of snacks - watermelon and cantaloupe, strawberries and cheese and crackers! And wine. She had me at wine!

I could have spent HOURS in their gardens looking at everything!
Harrison found the bluebonnet!!!

Thank you, my sweet neighbor, for a lovely afternoon!!!!
There shall be other visits - both at our house and yours!!!

By the time we walked back home, the deck was in the shade so that's where we went to play!

It was just a perfect day!

Louis Dean brought out his guitar and played and played.
He sang a song to Logan.....

and made up a special one for Trystan!

Little Trissy!!! A song from Granddad!

Logan got another session where she was singing along with him!

And then there is Kailey!!
She can really belt it out!!!

Froggie Went A'Courting is Kailey's song!!

We had a grand time!
LD  got pizza for our dinner so it was an easy day all the way around!
Amber arrived to take the kids home. Harrison told Granddad that HE didn't get a song with him so Louis Dean made one up especially for him!! I think it went something like this.....
"Harrison is the best little boy in the whole world!!"

Bye!!! Bye!!!!
These kids sure did brighten up our day!!!
I must say we were in a rather fragile condition yesterday.
Nothing major.....just the constant stress of life and challenges.
Children have a way of chasing away the clouds and showing you the joys of life.

Louis Dean is STILL singing and playing!!!
Mother is enjoying our private concert!!!
She was in the den watching TV and heard the music.
She gathered up a small blanket and set herself down to listen!!!
God is good and I am grateful to feel more calm and relaxed this evening than I have been.
Yesterday I felt all jagged and unsettled and at the verge of tears.
It's good to remember that feelings are just feelings. 
Not right or wrong. Just feelings.
We deal with them and sometimes just hang on until these feelings fade and are replaced with better ones.
We made some good memories today!


Linda said...

I certainly can understand you feeling unnerved and unsettled. The tree episode was a big deal. looks like Louis Dean chose music to channel his feelings. Absolutely love the photo of Harrison and the blue bonnets and the one of Trystan watering her plant. That was really neat of your neighbor to do that with the quads. Looking forward to seeing the new gazebo.

BeachGypsy said...

I sing "froggie" to our granddaughter too! An old and fun song! I love the new gazebo!!-----did yall buy it? it will look great and are yall going to do the fan?

Deb said...

Grandbabies bring so much to our lives! Can't wait to see the new Gazebo!

Kathy said...

With all that was going on no wonder you felt all on edge. So glad that today was better. Things come into our lives and we just have to make the best of it. I really do like the gazebo you chose. It was too big for my yard, but I did love it. If I had had enough room, I would have bought it.

I love that LD had a song for each kid. That's so special. And I could tell that your mom had a good day with them too.

Estelle's said...

I find it amazing that you are able to care and entertain all four children for the day and evening! True angels! Who wouldn't enjoy an evening in the garden while LD serenades his love! Beautiful sweet day!

Susie said...

Linda, Looks as if things are working out . I like the new gazebo.So nice your mother gets to enjoy the little ones too. It so good to get hugs.LD to the rescue with his Guitar and grill. Kids love hot-dogs off the grill. Also they will love music with granddad singing to them. What a fun time at the neighbors. Blessings to all, xoxo,love, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, those kinds of things rattle me as well. Glad you are feeling better now. And I love the new gazebo! You will have everything back in order soon. Audrey and I are going to lunch with the girls today at Steak and Shake. I purchased a Kiss Me Im Irish shirt for her to wear. Because even if she looks mostly Korean, she does have some Irish in her!!

Sandra said...

i would feel on the verge of tears with all that destroyed gazebo. i like the new one you will get but that is a lot of work and money. i love the photo of LD grilling. really love it. and all the photos of the fun time on the deck with the quads are beautiful. there little voices are so cute looking at the destruction.. to funny they want mama to go home.

Vee said...

Oh I love this. John and I settled in to watch the videos as one might settle in to watch the movies. It was not to be. They won't open even on the lap top. I won't give up and will try again. I loved how you described your feelings over the past few days. Stuff happens and it throws me for a loop. Disappointment sets in or something just doesn't work out as I'd hoped and I find myself in the very same place. Disgruntled, upset, fragile. Now I probably need a visit from my grands, but where I am looking so bad, I don't want to scare them!

Penny said...

Your new gazebo looks lovely Linda. Those photographs of LD singing to,the Quads brought a lump to my throat, so beautiful. He is a wonderful man, I know you don't need me to tell you that. X