Thursday, March 31, 2016

Things Don't Always go According to PLAN!!

The best laid plans of mice and men!!!
Wednesday had been all planned out and Amber and the quads arrived shortly after noon!
We exchanged vehicles so we could take the kids out to lunch!!! Since rain and possible storms were in the forecast - and since our gazebo area clean up has entailed moving so many things to the side deck where they normally play - I came up with the brilliant idea to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese!!! We were humming right along as we headed out when Amber called to say our car had a flat tire! We turned around! I picked Amber up and left Louis Dean to deal with the flat and he would meet up with us at Chuck E Cheese where Amber could then be on her way!

Bless her heart!
Here she is crammed into the back seat and a total hostage to the turn of events of this day!

I had no idea she was seriously AVOIDING introducing the kids to Chuck E Cheese!!

This was one of her and Ben's all time FAVORITE places to go when they were little!!!
Funny how what parents THINK their kids remember doesn't fall in line with what they feel as adults.

The quads seemed to love it!
Things have changed a lot at Chuck E Cheese but safety remains high and that was one of the reasons I chose this place. 

They no longer have the 'old school' bread sticks that I loved so much!
The young man taking my order knew just what I was talking about!
He even said he would make them for me if he could - so many request them!
Also, the tokens are now like plastic credit cards that you swipe instead of using the coins!

I knew it would be a late lunch and I knew from experience the place would be nearly empty -
and it was!!! I think there were only six other children - at the MOST - there while we were!
We used two tables so the quads could sit all by themselves!
They felt so grown up!

Amber was such a good sport!
She had a terrible headache but she made sure her kids had fun!!!

The noise sure bothered her but she did NOT sit in the booth and hold her head!
No way! She is amazing!

Louis Dean called to tell us the flat was fixed! There was a bent rim and it had been straightened - or SAVED as the serviceman said - and they were aligning it as he spoke!
We came home and she was on her way!
Nothing ever seems to go as planned. But God knew what the day held for us before we even got out of bed that morning!

The kids had fun!

We played for an hour - the rain never interfered with that!

I served dinner right at 6:00!

Granddad put Paw Patrol on at 7:00 and I started baths.
No one ever wants to be first so I put papers numbered 1-4 in a bowl and had them draw!
Win! WIN!!!
At 8:00 we were in the car heading for Quadville and they were all tucked into their beds before 9:00!! Too bad they didn't go sound asleep before the parents were home! I think they were waiting for their mama to kiss them goodnight!

We came home and I went right straight to BED!!
I had no trouble falling asleep!!

Thursdays are always a good day to sleep in and rest!

My friend, Brenda, came over for a salad lunch and we had a chance to catch up!
We already put our next visit on the calendar! It will be a dinner date and includes our husbands!

I'm just about to start a new book!!
I won this in a giveaway from Antiques and Teacups!!!!
I just love Ruth and learn something new each time I visit her elegant blog!

Now my Thursday is done! Louis Dean and I are sitting out on the gazebo deck where he has a fire burning over on the stone patio by the back pond. We are hearing crickets now. The summer will be here before we know it! Since the gazebo is gone, we have enjoyed gazing up into the big elm tree and watching the birds flit around. I called the tree trimmer today and hope to get that job done early next week. Step by step. We are moving right along. Things may not always go as  planned......but things WILL keep going!!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Linda I am often exhausted (in a good way) after taking care of one 3 year old granddaughter, so I can imagine how 4 keeps you going in all directions! I have not brought my GD to Chuckie Cheese as yet, but after seeing your videos I think she'd also love it. You won a nice give away--congrats and enjoy!

Linda said...

Amber deserves an award for going to Chucky Cheese with a headache! Trystan is such a beautiful little girl. Are you sure those kids don't think Louis Dean is a big bean bag? Harrison seems to be lounging on him about as often as Kailey. I'm ready for you to get the next gazebo. I want to see how you decorate it.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

God knows what our days will be like! The kids had fun even if it was a crazy day for the adults!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A great day for the kids and some stars to look at in the evening. A good day.

Jutta said...

What a perfect day the kids had! Super fun from the beginning until the end.
Amber, I also like VS Love Pink-clothes! Mine are bright pink, yellow, and black. Too bad in Europe they sell only underwear and not Pink - well, a good reason to visit US! 😉

Blondie's Journal said...

You always turn something bad into good, Linda. I know there is an expression for this but it escapes me now! Ha! Oh, I love these kids and how fast they are growing!

So glad you had your quiet time with LD. Maybe I'm crazy but when I read these last few words of your posts I sort of imagine that ride into the sunset~~~very peaceful and romantic!!

Jane :)

shortybear said...

nice day for the kids.

Penny said...

You are skilled at adapting to whatever the situation requires Linda! That salad lunch is exactly my kind of meal, so fresh and delicious X

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Love your idea of drawing numbers to avoid arguments. I may have to try that one when I have all my grands here. Glad all worked out well for are right, it does not do any good to get aggravated about such things and it teaches the kiddos to roll with the punches as well.

Debbie said...

Oh goodness, I haven't been to chuck e cheese in years. Don't know if there is EVER a time that place wasn't packed to the brim by us, lol. Glad you all enjoyed. OH and your soo soo right, NOTHING seldom goes completely as planned. Learning to roll with the punches is some of the best lessons life has. I used to put certain daily chores in a bowl in the summertime and my boys would "draw" to see what theirs was...haven't thought of that in years. They used to get the biggest kick out of it. Enjoy your week-end Linda!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

You are a busy gal, Miss Linda! Love your posts, as always. The babies are getting so big!!!

MadSnapper said...

so sorry Amber missed her day alone and had a headache to boot. i have never been to a chucky cheese, i don't think they had them when my boys were little..your post is always always full of FUN... all of you lead a charmed life. except of course when trees fall on gazebos and tires go flat.

Judy said...

Well, you always seem to know how to go with the flow...and make the best of every situation! It looks like a fun time was had by all. Chuck E Cheese is just a distant memory over here...likely 30 years since I have been there. Always fun for kiddos!

Susie said...

Linda, Sending extra hugs to Amber...some time young moms need them. I remember going to Chucky Cheese with Emma and her mom. Emma was scared of the big roaming around mouse. Liz put her in the little car with the plastic one. She was little scared. Then she was sitting closer, then she had her arm around him and I told Liz...I think Emma is making out with Chucky now. LOL. She ended up liking the place...too noisy for me. Now Emma would never want to go...too many "little" kids for her. LOL...Funny how our babies change isn't it? LD is one wonderful granddad.
Wishing all of you a great weekend, love you, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Too bad about the flat tire...she looks like she was really squished in back there. lol
Our kids all loved ChuckECheese when they were little, too, but the funny thing is that-like your kids- they don't take the grandkids there.
In FL when we went to Chuck E Cheese the 'mouse' would always come over and give me a neck The kids call him my 'mouse boyfriend'.
Hope you have a wonderful April, Linda. xo Diana

Small Kucing said...

First time hearing about this place. The kids must have enjoyed themselves tremendously. I would too if am a kid.

Hope Amber is feeling better now.

The book have and interesting cover. Will try to find it here. I've just finished a terrific book by Weina Dai Randel "Empress Bright Moon". I love the way she look at things through a woman's perspective.

Carol said...

I enjoy reading about the fun days you have with these children. They are sure blessed to have you in their life. I enjoy my granddaughter daily and I am looking forward to the days she will be able to go on some of the adventures that you have been on with your quads. I can only imagine how tired you are though after a day with them.

Carla said...

There's always something that can put a crimp in our plans. Chucky Cheese. I just remember noisy and kids running a muck but safe. The new place here is Monkey Joes i think it's called. Just as loud and safe but no coins to swallow my money. Well not mine any more the other parents. Glad it all worked out LOL