Saturday, January 14, 2012

We are FLOORED!!

It has been a cold and wintry week here in the DFW area. Louis Dean and I have kept the fireplace glowing in the den and used lap blankets as we read, watch TV and have our coffee. Yesterday we decided to tackle the bedroom floor. Now that the holidays are over we need to wind up LAST year's projects before we start any NEW ones!

Since our bedroom has a door to the backyard I KNEW we could not put carpet back we opted for a simple, washable and easy to do it yourself floor covering.

I used this in my bathroom so for the last few months I have had PART tile and PART carpet in the bedroom!

The carpet was 24 years old! I guess I was looking at life through rose colored glasses back then. No more PINK!

The furniture lifter thingy (as seen on TV!!) really DOES work like a charm!
I bought two of them at our local Dollar General store.
I can move heavy things all by myself if I have a need to do so!

Once Louis Dean started working I couldn't get him to stop!
We took a couple of breaks but worked pretty steady for over TEN hours!!

He SO wanted to finish this last night but finally cried 'Uncle!'
He painted the primer over the last section and we closed the door.
The guest room was piled high with STUFF from our room -
so we cleared off the guest bed in order to have a place to sleep.

WHEW! What a job! It is so much easier to START a project than it is to FINISH one!
However, we are ready to tackle it again today!
LD is making pancakes - or 'hot cakes' as he calls them.
He never uses a mix for anything. The house is smelling wonderful....of bacon and pancakes!
Bacon - the REAL kind - is cooking and I think a good breakfast is just what we need to kick off another work day!

We need to get this finished!

We have a really big project for THIS year!
It involves getting the camper all cleaned out and spruced up and ready for a journey!

I have been so good at keeping my mouth shut about this new adventure -
but I am about to POP!!
Hopefully I will get to talk about it soon.

I would also like to thank my daughter, Amber, for sprucing up my blog! This is my second year of blogging and I have certainly met some amazing people  through the world of 'Blog.' Happy Saturday to each and every one of you!


  1. That LD is amazing!! I look forward to seeing the finished floor. You will be so happy to have everything back in place, I'm sure.
    A trip is planned....I wonder where!

  2. I just can't wait to see the finished floor! All your hard work is going to pay off I'm sure. Oh and your secret, well don't keep it secret too long. The suspense is KILLING me :)

    Good luck finishing up today and enjoy the weekend :)

  3. It's looking great, Linda! You and LD have so much energy! I am really looking forward {and you are, too} to seeing the finished job!

    Looks like you have some traveling adventures coming up!! ;-D


  4. You two make a great team! Look at all the work you get accomplished. It's going to be great! A secret journey? Sounds exciting!

  5. That floor is going to be lovely! Can hardly wait to hear about your travel plans!!

  6. Your background is beautiful on your blog. A big project, even moreso because everything has to be moved. It will be so nice to have that job finished.

  7. Sister, the pink jumped from the floor to your blog. LOL and the tile was NOT to be left out and it's colors quietly jumped on too. :-) Love the look of the blog and your new floor. Nice to have that fresh clean feel. Luann

  8. Oh yes Amber, it's so pretty in pink here, on your Mama's blog!!!!

    Wow, he worked too long at that project, I'd say. but it is wonderful to get something done, and i'm sure you want to do so.

    Ohhhh, a wee trip is on the horizon hu? ,-) Lovely. :-)


  9. And your new pics of self, are so pretty!!!

  10. i can relate to this work, hubby put down ceramic tile in our kitchen and bathroom and what a job. it was not easy for me, i had to stay out of his way.

  11. I love the new look..your daughter did a great job...can't wait to hear about the camper...

  12. Floor looks good I know you will enjoy it for years to come.

  13. That looks like a lot of work but it is looking good and will definitely be easier to clean. Wonder what you're exciting travel plans will be!?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. I love the new look to your blog. Good going, Amber! Your floor looks great. Be sure to post pictures of it finished. So a trip is in the works, huh? If you are heading for the east coast we must definitely meet up.

  15. You have definately left us wanting more:)

  16. I noticed your blog update instantly. It's so pretty! Glad to hear that your project is finally getting completed. I know you'll look forward to getting back in your own bed after everything is done. Can't wait to see the makeover!

  17. Looking good! You'll have to tell me about these furniture lifting things. I've been waiting for a big! pop. LOL