Sunday, January 15, 2012


The bedroom is finished! Floor is a done deal! I have cleaned it all up and lit candles.....took pics and am ready to move on! Every time we work on a project it seems the rest of the house gets trashed!

We stopped work yesterday in time to clean up and go to church.....then back home to put the trim down and set the bed back up.

My daughter in law had given us an oak headboard and I had planned on painting it shabby chic style as I have done the other pieces in the room. However, after moving it out I don't think we will use it after all.  The room is small as it is and the headboard cut out some precious inches. Now I am back to figuring out what we want to do. Make a headboard? And what kind? But for now......I am DONE with this room!!

I have always had carpet in the bedroom. Perhaps some pretty cushy rugs will be in order for those chilly mornings when our feet hit the cold hard floor!

The door ( on the right ) opens to the back yard and Louis Dean goes in and out a good deal.
I moved my clothes rack out of his way. I can't tell you how many times he has knocked it over. But it WAS on his side of the bed! No longer!

This is HIS side!
He requested I not clutter up his table. Imagine THAT!

This is my side......

I love mirrors.......

......and lamps ..........

..........draped with vintage lace and a hat.

I still have little things to do in here but all the hard work is done.

I have so much 'debris' I stack it to the ceiling!

Louis Dean is a good sport and seldom complains about living in what he calls
'a Barbie house!'

Because he has been so wonderful I am going to do something special for him....
clean HIS room!
Right after I take a little nap!

"The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul!"
Proverbs 13:19


  1. Looks great! I know you are happy to have that done!

  2. Looks good..see all the hard work you & LD have been doing has totally paid off! Now go rest lady, you must be tired :)

  3. Looks great, soon-to-be Grandma to QUADS!!!! :)

  4. Beautiful! I bet you are glad to have that room done.

  5. Wow! You give that Louis Dean a big hug for doing all that work! I know you did your share, but I'm sure you depended on him for the hard stuff!

  6. Y'all need to take a good long break from projects. I love all your debris and how you use it.

  7. Linda your room looks so cozy, comfy and the floor looks stunning! You do amazing work, you and LD that is.

    Have a fantastic week!