Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Typical Tuesday!!

I LOVE a good Tuesday!! Somehow my scheduling has been off lately - probably due to the bedroom redo and other 'conflicts' with my calendar. Today I returned to my 'Typical Tuesday!'

Since the Starplex Theaters here in Irving offer movies all day for FIFTY CENTS - on Tuesday only- that was where I headed!

Captain America!! The First Avenger!
I may be the last person in the metroplex to see this but I DID see it today!
My friend, June, met me there and we had 'lunch.' Hot dog, small popcorn, small drink, small candy and the price of a ticket came to $6!! Not bad!
A little bird told me my regular movie partner will be back soon after a long trip away!!
I can't wait!!

After the movie I picked up Louis Dean and we headed to the local Goodwill. Tuesday is Senior Citizen Discount Day!! He needed some cardigan sweaters for the cool mornings when we sit out in the gazebo with our coffee and the cool evenings when we sit on the driveway with our wine. He has been down with the flu since shortly after we came home from San Marcos. I think he is over it for the most part now - just regaining his strength!

He scored big time with FOUR sweaters! Three are pictured....the fourth is silky soft and has a zipper front but that photo didn't turn out!

Since I was THERE I thought I might as well have a 'look see' and sure enough!!
A 'Brother Sister' Christmas needlework that has a Hobby Lobby price of $16.73 (???) was $0.99!

And look how cute my little musical Pumpkin headed ghost is! It was just $0.99!
That is my youngest son's pic in the fall frame and my youngest grandchild above the Harvest Blessing Pumpkin!

My last bargain - which I spotted as I stood in the check out line - was this sturdy as well as pretty door mat! Speaking of PRETTY - the lady checking out in front of me was just that! VERY pretty! She was a senior citizen, too. It takes one to know one. Well, SHE did not ask for the Senior Citizen Discount.....but I sure did!! Sometimes the sales people don't remember about it so you have to be sure to ASK!
My total bill for FOUR quality men's sweaters, one great door mat ($6!), a 'what knot', and a needlework kit was.........$22.67!!! Talk about Bargain Tuesdays!!!

Now if this is a normal Tuesday - that also means ART day!

The art table  is ready as I write! I am heading in there hoping to finish this canvas that seems to be dragging on forever!

I usually have already started on the year's Santa painting!

I just finished LAST year's Christmas puzzle - I KNOW!!!
I am thinking about painting this on a 16 X 20 canvas.
The Santa gift bag looks like a possible choice as well.......
Who wants to paint with me???
It will be so much fun!
I am loving this good Tuesday!


Deb said...

what a fun day...and good bargains...

Flora said...

What a Tuesday!!

Changes in the wind said...

This is a great Tuesday! You go girl.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

What a full and fun day! I WISH that I could paint like you! I will watch this year...maybe I'll try next!

"Auntie" said...

Thank you for your tour of your "Great Tuesday." :-)

Mine wasn't so productive and it is so nice, to hear of someone else's, which was! Hope it will give me incentive to get myself motivated to accomplish some things.

I've had enough of these "Days Off." -grin- That's what the 2 of us call days, when not much gets done... And we all need them, now and then. But I've been spreading mine out, for tooooooooo long. Time to get my mojo back. :-))))

Hope LD will take long enough, to really get his strength back! We are going into the *achoooooow season* and we all need our body to be strong, to ward off the *ickies*. :-)

Gentle hugs,
"October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again." ~~Hal Borland