Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crazy Water!!

We let the campground yesterday and before heading home drove the few short miles into Mineral Wells. I was actually looking for a bakery to buy an apricot pie. I THOUGHT I had seen a sign coming into town for a Fried Pie Shop. Never found it! Never even found the SIGN on our way home either!

Since we were there we decided to check out the Crazy Water! The water comes from the well from which Mineral Wells is named. The water is full of minerals! And minerals are beneficial to your heath.

Since 1877 there has been a history of people drinking the mineral water and being 'cured' of various diseases. Not surprising since the water is packed with minerals.

AT - NaHC03C - Ca++ - CI - F- MG++ -Mn - K+ - Si02 - S04 - Zn

The well you see to the right of the bottle is where Crazy Water no.4 comes from.

The wells - there are three of them - are all safely locked and protected.

The lady in the shop was friendly and helpful. She gave us samples of the water and explained their benefits.

I love reading Historical Marker signs!
Used to drive all my kids crazy!
I need a bumper sticker which says.......
'I stop for ALL Historical Markers!'

They have added gardens and tables and it is a very inviting place to sip and drink this 'Crazy Water.'

We bought a case each of no.3 and no.4.
no. 4 has the most minerals and it is recommended you only drink one or two glasses of it every day. They also suggested you could mix the two together.

You can buy Crazy Water at Whole Foods and Central Market.

 I took Mother to the grand opening of the HEB store in Granbury in September. She was thirsty and I was looking for the bottled water for her. I found a display featuring Mineral Water and thought - "Water!" NOT! She nearly spit it out! However she WAS thirsty and decided to sip it until I could locate the regular spring water she is used to drinking.
I told her about visiting the place where some mineral wells are located
 and she said, "Oh, NO!!!" So I am not giving her any!!

However I intend to drink a glass a day. If it has helped rheumatism as the legend claims -
perhaps it can help degenerative joint disease! I am willing to try it!!

By the way.....I am still looking for an apricot pie! I just noticed there are not many BAKERIES around any more. Louis Dean and I may have to bake our own.


  1. all the years I have riden through Mineral Wells and never got the Crazy water education. LOL Sounds like you had a great mini vacation and you always find the most interesting things and places. You definately have your eyes wide open to not miss out on life. Love ya Sis. Your the best! Luann

  2. As always you share something new. Hope you get that pie soon.
    - Joy

  3. We live near mineral waters, too, and I drink some daily. Can't say that I am helped much with my rheumatiz, but I do like the taste much better than my tap water. Hope that your Crazy Water works great for you!

  4. I learned something new...I didn't know that was in Mineral I will have to check it out....Did you try Mineyards on Shady Grove for the pie?

  5. Well let me know how that water works.... I might be inclined to agree with your mom... LOL

  6. How interesting! I remember trying some real mineral water in Germany - very bad taste!

  7. What an interesting post! I love all things historical. You and I should meet up sometime and take a road trip together. We will stop at all the historical markers and drive everyone else crazy. Ha, ha. Hope you get your pie soon.

  8. I enjoyed this post and love the picture of you at the arch...

  9. The water taste better if it's cold.