Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our 'Out Loud' Reading.......

Every morning you will find us in the gazebo with our cups of coffee and our books. It is our routine. First we read the Bible and share thoughts and insights with each other. Next we have a devotional book we usually read a chapter from. Then I journal while Louis Dean scares away the squirrels and fills the bird feeders. He brings out fresh cups of coffee and we read from our 'current' book. We have read many books and covered a wide variety in the nearly six years we have been doing this. Mark Twain is a favorite author. The Shack was Louis Dean's all time favorite book. We also read and reread many childrens' classics......the Little House books, Frank Moody's stories among others. We read Patton. The one we just finished last night  was......

'An Epic Life   WILLIE NELSON' by Joe Nick Patoski.
I have to say we enjoyed NEARLY every word.
(Some I did not read out loud because I don't SAY some of these 'colorful' phrases!)
Willie Nelson truly did....and does....lead an epic life.
We admire him even more after reading this book.
My husband LOVES his music and he has 'discovered' many songs he had never heard before in the course of our reading. He  also embarked on a Memory Project thanks, in part, to Willie's song,
'I Just Drove By to See How Things Have Changed.'

Now I am looking through my stack of books for our NEXT adventure in Good READING!!


  1. This is an awesome routine! I just love it.

  2. sounds like a splendid think to do...hubby may be totally retired this fall....I'm wondering what I am going to do with him...this is a thought!

  3. You two are the sweetest things! xoxo

  4. Linda, you and Louis Dean are dearest couple.
    I love your morning routine. I hope that my husband Christopher Kim and I will have a lovely morning routine when it's time for us to retire!

  5. What a lovely tradition!
    We saw Willie Nelson perform many years ago - what a wonderful entertainer he is.

  6. I love routine. And you two have a precious one, here.


  7. I enjoy listening to Willie, I think he has a very soothing voice and when he sings you
    know who it is without introduction.

  8. I love your routine. John and I have one quite similar except we stopped reading books together. I remember reading and loving "The Shack" together. Now I want to backtrack and do it all again. Keep on having this quality time's precious.

  9. What a fun way to start your a gazebo with a good read.