Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MiMi Camp Day 1.....

The first 24 hours of MiMi Camp 2011 was awesome! We had a blast!

We first hit up the library for a bag of books, DVDs and books on tape.
Our next stop was Centennial Park.
(Faith took the pic of the park above.)

I had a phone chat with Summer while Faith took pictures and Levi ran around!

Faith is a good little photographer! She will be 7 later this month.
I cropped the photos but you can tell she has a real eye for taking pictures!

Sam decided to rest while Levi explored.
I should have guessed he didn't feel well.
He said he developed a headache while we were at the library.

Our next errand was the Mexican Market......aka 'Savers' grocery store.
The music, announcements  and store signs are all in Spanish.
They each chose a Mexican pastry from the bakery case.

Once back home all the kids grabbed a pillow and listened to the first half of the CD 'Peter and the Wolf' read by Jack Lemmon while I got lunch ready. I love that CD!

Naps and snacks followed.
I should have known everything was going TOO well.
Poor Sam looked up at me after we had played a game of Chinese Checkers and said,
"MiMi, I am sick."
He had 102.9 temp. I took it THREE times!
 I even took my own to make sure the thermometer was working right!
He did not WANT to be sick! He said, "I can handle fever pretty well, MiMi!"
Made my heart hurt!

Faith was taking a bath when I called my son and daughter in law to tell them Sam was ill. 
By the time she was dry and dressed HER eyes were hurting and she was running a fever of 102.2!

Both of the older kids were chilled so I covered them up with throws and we settled down to wait for their mother to arrive. This is the scene of the final hour of MiMi Camp 2011 Day ONE!

I am happy to say they are feeling better as I write this post.
My son said that when he put Sam to bed last night Sam asked,
 "Daddy, do you get make up days at MiMi Camp like you do at school?"


So Louis Dean and I are anxiously awaiting the grand kids return tomorrow evening when
MIMI CAMP 2011 resumes!!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Awwwwwww, I'm so sorry they got sick. But hope it's passes quickly. And that you two don't get it.


Deb said...

poor babies...hope all are better now...all the sickies here are better too...me included...don't you just love Centennial Park....we call it Central Park...after we went to New York...

Flora said...

Oh dear...maybe too much junk food?? LOL.... Don't you wish all your kids could of been grandkids...they are so much fun!!! We can forget the rules!!

Anonymous said...

Nice and thanks!

Pondside said...

Hurray for Mimi camp!!
I meant to say on the past post that your granddaughter looks SO like you.

Carla said...

Oh poor babies. Poor Mimi Glad to hear MIMI Camp has makeup days ;o)