Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Miss Magenta!!

Isn't she a beauty? We have been missing Amber's cats since they went home with her this past December and have had it in our minds to get one of our very own......when the time was right.

So today - as if we did not have enough projects to work on - I took down all the garland and lights and coffee cups and chickens from the shelf above the kitchen French doors and prepared to paint the wall paper. I had already done some of the kitchen last spring.......the parts you can see easily. I wanted to replace the lighted garland with some ivy and sun flowers so I figured I might as well get that area painted while I was at it. Louis Dean was hanging mirrors in my bathroom.....we like to stay busy!

While I was  minding my own business I had this overwhelming compulsion to check out the Seniors for Seniors Program a friend told me about at our Music Jam Session on Monday night. Seniors can adopt a pet that is at least 6 years old...for FREE!

That's when I found Magenta......or 'Maggie' as we call her.
I took one look and knew THIS was THE cat for me! SO I called and she was still available.
That was at 4:45 and they were open til 5:30. I called for Louis Dean to come look - QUICK!
I threw on some clothes (I had on my painting ones and looked awful!) grabbed a cap for my hair and he got a shirt and we were OUT OF HERE!!

We loved her immediately! Filled out the papers and then came the catch!!!
I am a senior but not an old ENOUGH senior! Good thing I am married to an older man!
We traded his info for mine and the adoption was complete!
Maggie had been a beloved pet but her owners moved and they had to give her up.
I was shocked to discover that she had been declawed....ALL FOUR PAWS!
That is SO not right! We will take very good care of this little lady!
I am so happy God whispered in my ear......check this out!
HIS timing is PERFECT!

Now that we have the cat all settled in I better get back to my painting!
Hope my brush hasn't dried out too much!!


Shannon Hopps said...

Aunt Linda, you ROCK! You get the St. Francis award for the week!! Thank you for adopting this sweet kitty.

Deb said...

congratulations on the new family member...she is a cutie...

Jenner said...

Oh, I am in love!! Magenta is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure that she will be the perfect addition to your household.

I disagree with declawing as well. As a vet tech, I assisted in the surgerys and it was terrible, especially how much pain the cats were in afterwards. It's cruel! And I've never heard of anyone having a cat's BACK claws done!! Poor little Mag.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a sweet little kitty! That she came into your life while you were in the midst of a million projects just shows that you were meant for each other! Congratulations on your new addition!


Carla said...

Awww how sweet. Congrats on the newest member of the family.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh you got a kitty-cat! Lovely. You felt it was the right time and the right move, and you did it. :-)

Gentle hugs to you all...

Texas Tales said...

she's beautiful mom! that is mean to declaw her in the back too. some people are more concerned about furniture then they are their cats. she cannot even scratch herself! :( but now she will be in a super loving home with more attention than i bet she ever bargained for! snowball does not know she's been replaced over there, but i won't tell her. ;)

congratulations on the perfect addition you were looking for!

Anonymous said...

I think Maggie will be very happy living with you! It makes me sad that someone declawed her - its just not right at all :(

Claire xx