Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last Saturday turned out to be a stormy, rain soaked and chilly day......and I just LOVED it!!! A wonderful evening to build a fire in the den fireplace, hunker down with a fuzzy cover, and pop in a vintage movie! PERFECT! Louis Dean LOVES Jimmy Stewart and while out browsing garage sales recently he picked up a VHS of 'Harvey' starring JAMES Stewart for a bargain price of sixty five cents!

We filled our plates with sandwiches and chips and settled down for a cozy evening!

Even Lucy enjoys a good movie!

As soon as the movie ended we checked out eBay for our NEXT vintage film......

Louis Dean was excited to see it is 'introducing'.....Shirley MacLaine!
Another one of his all time favorite film stars!!

We LOVE a good movie!!! Don't YOU???


  1. Do you get tired of me saying, "Why can't I be your neighbor???" Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  2. Linda, these are two of my favorite old movies! We have laughed about Harvey for years!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great evening, Linda! I will have to look for this movie at Netflix.

    BTW...Lucy looks just like my Milo who is a Rat Terrier {like a Jack Russell}. What a cutie!


  4. Excellent choices! I took a Hitchcock film course in college and we watched everything. My favorite: Rebecca.

  5. Oh your living room is so cozy! I'd love watching a classic film there. Haven't watched "Harvey" in years...